Earnings Roundup: APC, EMR, FST and SHLD News

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Earnings Roundup: APC, EMR, FST and SHLD News

Here’s our round up of the most important earnings reports:

Andarko Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:APC) reported a rise in its earnings per share in the first quarter owing to a hike in the price of crude oil. The company earned $4.28 per share in the first quarter compared with 2011’s earnings of 43 cents per share. Total net income rose to $1.26 billion from last year’s $216 million. Revenues at the company is also up from the same period in 2011 standing now at $3.45 billion. The firm had a one time only benefit this quarter in the form of a tax settlement reached with an Algerian state oil company. That settlement brought $1.8 billion into the firm’s coffers.

Forest Oil Corporation (NYSE:FST) announced its earnings for the first quarter yesterday revealing an increased revenue of just $158.9 million. That figure put the company well below estimates, closer to $190 million and well below its earnings from the period a year earlier. The company’s earnings per share came in at 11 cents per share another disappointment to add to the firm’s books. The company fell short of estimates and targets and because of this fell over 10% in the market today. The company closed at 11.88 its worst performance in some time.

Emerson Electric Co. (NYSE:EMR) also had a bad quarter. the company’s revenue rose but earnings per share have dropped year on year and in the longer run estimates on the firm’s performance this year have dropped. Revenue was $5.92 billion compared to last year’s $5.85 billion. That result will be something for stockholders to take away from this report. The earning for the quarter, which had been expected to come in at 80 cents per share fell short at 74 cents. The figure is a slight rise on 2011’s $0.73 per share but is still far off what investors hope for from the company.

Sears Holding Corporation (NYSE:SHLD) announced an increased outlook for the first quarter of 2012 today as they prepare to reveal their earnings tomorrow. The company is still expected to post a loss but it is now thought to be narrower than had been forecast thus far. The company poster a loss of $1.56 per share in the same period last year but is hoped to announce a lower figure than that on Wednesday. Sears is the old reliable in what has become an innovative and competitive retail environment. Wal Mart and other similarly designed stores have bitten into Sear’s market shares. Investors hope they can turn the trend around


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