Drivers Protesting Outside Uber CEO Dara’s House

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Companies are Stealing from Drivers, Drivers Protesting outside Uber CEO Dara’s House at noon on Wednesday in San Francisco

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Protest Outside Of Uber CEO’s Dara Khosrowshahi's House

On Wednesday at 12 noon PST approximately 100 drivers will caravan outside one of Uber CEO's Dara Khosrowshahi's house, a San Francisco estate purchased for $16.5 million. A mansion like this can be purchased because companies like Uber steal from workers.

In a recent survey of California app drivers, 67% of respondents report that it is unlikely that they would be able to pay their mortgage or rent in May. When asked about how they would pay for an emergency expense of $400, 71% indicated that they would not be able to pay for that expense right now. 83% of respondents say they needed emergency funds to cover bills, food, and other necessities right now.

This action is organized by Gig Workers Rising & We Drive Progress, two groups who advocate for workers’ labor rights in California.

Drivers will meet up at the Marina at 10:30 AM and by 11:30 they will be outside Dara’s house. Each driver will post a “grievance note” on Dara’s garage door detailing what they’ve had to go without because of Uber’s refusal to obey basic labor protections for drivers.

How Hypocritical Black Lives Matter Gig Company Statements

This action follows an open letter published on Juneteenth which nearly 500 drivers have now signed. The letter calls out how hypocritical Black Lives Matter gig company statements are in light of the fact that their drivers, significant portions of which are POC, are not treated with dignity and respect by the gig platforms.

The action is part of the campaign to defeat the ballot proposition put forth by the gig companies where they aim to deny workers the most basic labor protections. The companies are spending $110m on this campaign while drivers struggle to survive or access adequate PPE. Not only are the companies stealing from drivers, they’re also stealing from California tax payers to the tune of $413m, according to a recent report from the Berkeley Labor Center.  Their whole business model is predicated on being subsidized by taxpayers and paying drivers below poverty wages.

Once outside Dara’s house drivers will leave two banners: (1) “A Thief Lives Here” and (2)  “Drop the Ballot Measure”. Speakers will include drivers with Gig Workers Rising and We Drive Progress, as well as San Francisco Supervisor Gordon Mar and Kung Feng of Jobs with Justice San Francisco.