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Driverless Air Taxis Will Replace The Self-Driving Cars In The Future

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Driverless Air Taxis Will Replace The Self-Driving Cars In The Future

Technology is growing fast now-a-days. The very best example of this is, the initiative taken to develop the self-driving air taxis. This initiative was taken by Airbus. It aims to replace the self-driving cars with the driverless air taxis in the future. These cars are aimed to fly in the air in order to avoid the traffic.

Driverless Air Taxis

The top automobile manufacturing companies like, Google, Apple, Uber and Tesla, started manufacturing the autonomous vehicles, now Ford has recently joined in the list of companies that manufacture the self-driving vehicles. Ford has fully involved in developing the self-driving vehicles. But this announcement by Ford is not that much surprising, because many companies have already started producing the self-driving vehicles.

To get more investors for your product, you have to produce the product which is revolutionary. With this intention Airbus has proposed that it is going to develop the self-driving air taxis. This is a new attempt which none of the company has attempted so far.

The biggest competitor to Boeing is Airbus. Airbus is the largest automobile giant that has produced many planes. But now it has taken the attempt to produce the flying taxis. This attempt should be appreciated, and the most surprising thing is that, the company is seriously working on it. It aims to produce the prototype model by the end of 2017.

Rodin lyasoff, the project executive officer at the Airbus said that, more parts are needed to produce the self-driving air taxis, the parts such as batteries, motors and avionics are needed in large amount. He also said that, these vehicles will reach the market within 10 years. And he believes that there will be a great demand for the self-driving air taxis in the future.

Airbus is also concentrating on another project named, city Airbus, which is aimed to transport passengers from one place to another within the same city. German and French engineers have been developing it for the past two years.

Tom Enders, the CEO of Airbus says that, one day in the future, the cars will fly over the sky and drop you at your front door, without the pilot inside the car. The non Airbus investors are also interested with the Airbus’s announcement, because of the two reasons, first is, it knows that the transportation industry is rapidly improving and Airbus in particular introduces the new technologies and methods. The innovations like the driverless cars, electric vehicles, space planes, supersonic jets and the Hyperloop are under construction. Some may be successful, some may not. But this technology is expected to hit the ground within the next decade.

The second reason is, the decline of oil in the future will be less unavoidable that expected. The self-driving cars and the electric cars are not mutually exclusive, whereas, the driverless air taxis and the electric vehicles are mutually exclusive technologies. Helicopters and planes run on jet fuel, because the technology does not allow creating lighter weight batteries which consumes enough power to run a turbine engine.

Driverless Air Taxis – Things that will disappear in the driverless car period

The major issue with the normal cars is the bad traffic; this is the situation in many cities. For this reason, the self-driving cars are welcomed by many people across the globe. The things that will disappear in the driverless car period are as follows.

Making the transition

There are differences between the driverless car and the fully autonomous vehicles. We already have some vehicles with the driverless technology. But they are just at the starting stage, which exhibits only self steering, still more features have to be added to them.

In order to move into the driverless era, we have to know the difference between the user-operated vehicles and the fully automated vehicles. The user operated autonomous vehicles will reach the market within the five years; this delay is due to the license and the insurance issues. The complete driverless automobiles may take some more years to come.

Google and Tesla have predicted that the complete driverless cars will come to the market by 2020. The complete driverless cars are the one, which will let the driver sleep from the starting of the journey to the destination, that is, they should not get any help from the driver or the engineer.

In the driverless taxis there are many problems, they can be solved as they occur. All the problems will be rectified and the complete driverless taxis will come with 2030. After 2030 you can see many driverless cars on the roads, with all the problems solved.

Driverless Air Taxis – On-demand transportation

Imagine after 15 years, you book a self-driving car with your app. And it will take you to the destination within 2-3 minutes. A kind of on-demand is happening in the popular companies like the Uber and Lyft. Obviously, if we take the driver off, the price of the ride will automatically come down.

If the technology is preferred, the companies which have the on-demand will tend to have their business in the important cities, in order to meet the competition. The car companies will have less number of cars in the future, so they will change their business model. Then they will have a partnership with the managers and charge the cost for every mile till the destination.

For strengthening their financial position, the car companies will reduce the number of dealers, middlemen and the financial costs.

Driverless Air Taxis – Major industry changes

In the coming decades, many realistic moments may occur; this may cause the top people in the business, to think about the scope of impact. The early adopters of the car were the young people, who do not feel to get the license; they do not have the seriousness to pay the insurance. And the baby boomers who do not want to lose their freedom, which was given to them. The early age people, they may be the legal or illegal migrants, people who have missed their insurance and many more cases. This may be the situation in the next two decades.

The concept of driving is about to change in the future. Élan has predicted that, in future, law makers will feel that driving is not safety for mankind, and many people will be banned from driving.

Many autonomous vehicles will be on the roads, they will have many records in the future. In addition to the self-driving cars, the self-driving air taxis will also fly with the great success records in the future.

The one disadvantage with the autonomous vehicles is that, many drivers will lose their jobs. So there may be the unemployment problem in the world.

In order to avoid the problem of unemployment, many new jobs have given to the drivers, who lost their job because of the autonomous vehicles. The jobs are as follows.

  • Ride –experience designers- this job is meant for giving the suggestions, after experiencing the ride in the autonomous vehicles.
  • Traffic flow analysis- this will give the detailed description about the traffic in different places.
  • Luxury vehicle designers- these people will give suggestions while designing the luxury vehicles.
  • Traffic transitions, impact minimizers- these people will try to minimize the impact caused by the autonomous vehicle.
  • Driverless operating system engineers- these people will work on the operating system for the self-driving vehicles. They add features to the operating system, which increases the performance of the vehicle to the best.     

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