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You Can Now Download Unofficial Super Mario Run For Android

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Let’s be clear; I didn’t mean the headline as “clickbait” any more than you can actually download a version of Nintendo’s Super Mario Run for Android at present. You can, however, download “Super Plumber Run” if you simply can’t wait until 2017 when Nintendo releases the new game for Android.

Stick To “Super Plumber Run” and the Google Play store

Android users need to be patient and wait for Super Mario Run which is promised by Nintendo in early 2017. While you can question the wisdom of Nintendo’s decision to release its first real mobile game exclusively for iOS, the company could equally defend its decision I don’t doubt. Nintendo has been hyper-protective of its intellectual property since likely before you were born and had been very hesitant to enter the smartphone gaming market with its iconic catalog of games like Mario Brothers and Zelda. This is especially true given the all but certain launch of the Nintendo Switch in March. While analysts have been begging Nintendo to get in the tablet and smartphone arena for years, the company is, well, Nintendo.

Since its release, yesterday, Super Mario Run and its free first three levels has been download millions of times and shot to the top of the App Store in downloads almost immediately. But you with your Android phone can’t join in on the fun. But, you can play a very similar game now by downloading Super plumber run from the Google Play Store. Please, and I can’t emphasize this enough, don’t stray from the Google Play Store as scammers and malware “makers” have set their sites on you and are offering over a dozen clones from considerably less reputable sources.

Super Plumber Run is strikingly close to Super Mario Run

Let’s be clear, if you love Mario and Nintendo, you won’t find it in Super Plumber Run, and you may even feel like you’re cheating and subsequently a little dirty for your efforts. Yes, you’ll get a side-scrolling game that your iPhone-owning friends are playing, but this is a very low budget knockoff and its differences in appearance are quite striking.

That said, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to jump over plants drain pipes and enemies or smash those same enemies in true Mario manner. Super Plumber, like Mario, also needs to collect coins, mushrooms, and power-ups to continue to the next environment and task.

Ok, it’s not Super Mario Run, and you won’t have that available to you until next year. Nintendo has been vague about when it release the game for Android but take some comfort in the fact that the company has likely already built it and is simply waiting for its exclusivity agreement with Apple to expire before it’s released.

The makers of Super Plumber Run have done a decent job, and they are quick to point out that it’s “not a clone” and is its own game. While that is the case, you know what the makers and you are doing. You’re running to the right just as Mario does and there is nothing wrong with that as you are waiting. Trust me when I say, Super Mario Run is not all that and certainly not worth running out and buying an iPhone just to play.

If you miss Mario and Zelda that much find your old Nintendo NES in the closet or attic if you’re lucky enough or head to eBay or a winter garage sale.

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