How To Double Your iPhone 6 Battery Life

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone 6 has a pretty good battery life. But what if you consistently watch videos on the smartphone or you have to spend 2-3 days away from the power socket? Thankfully, there is a way to double (in fact, more than double) your iPhone 6’s battery life. Antony Leather of Forbes says that i-Blason’s iPhone 6 battery case UnityPower is a very good option for those who are desperate not to charge their iPhones every day.


UnityPower is the ‘best-made’

Battery cases are just a larger version of your normal smartphones cases. UnityPower has a built-in battery. It has a lightning connector that slots into your iPhone 6 to charge your phone whenever needed. They also double as a protective case to protect your device. Leather notes that i-Blason’s UnityPower costs $79.99. That’s pretty expensive. Leather has reviewed several smartphone cases with built-in battery, and says that UnityPower is the “best-made.”

How To Double Your iPhone 6 Battery Life

UnityPower is a bit clunky at 15mm thickness, compared to just 7mm of the iPhone 6. So, those in love with the slim body of their iPhones will require some getting used to. Your smartphone slots into the main section of the case, and the base connects to the device using a lightning connector. Your iPhone 6 is clamped in place by a shroud.

240% of your usual iPhone 6 battery power

It has a 3,200mAh built-in battery, much bigger than the 1810mAh battery of your iPhone 6. Theoretically, UnityPower should be able to charge the iPhone 6 from zero to 100% and then again from zero to about 75%. Leather tested with tested with the phone turned on but the cellular data, location services and WiFi turned off. That’s a typical scenario. He saw a flat to 100% charge and again from flat to about 40%. That means you get 240% of your usual battery capacity.

UnityPower helps you manage about three days away from the power socket. However, heavy users such as gamers and those watching videos can sap all the power in a single day. Another interesting thing about the i-Blason UnityPower is that all the buttons on your iPhone 6 are directly accessible.

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