Don’t Expect Xbox Two, PS5 Anytime Soon

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Although the Xbox One X just recently released and the PlayStation 4 is selling extremely well, many rumors are floating around the web about the next release. From what we can tell, you shouldn’t expect the Xbox Two or PS5 anytime soon.

At this current point in time, there are no new consoles we’re looking forward to. We were hyped about the Nintendo Switch for quite some time, but that’s out now and doing well. The Xbox One X offers the best graphics available from a console and has been meeting expectations, and the PS4 Pro offers increased performance that many Sony fans were clamoring for. There are rumors floating around the web about a potential Xbox Two or PS5 release, but these claims are unsubstantiated and extremely unlikely.

Don’t Trust YouTube

As with any new technology release, there have been stories and rumors coming out about the Xbox Two and PS5 since almost immediately after the release of this current generation’s consoles. While it’s fun to look forward to what we might see in the future of video game systems, there are several reasons why we won’t see the Xbox Two or PS5 for quite some time.

The majority of these most recent rumors come from videos on YouTube, which is a problem in and of itself. While YouTube isn’t inherently unreliable, the fact remains that YouTubers have a vested interest in driving traffic to their videos. A fancy clickbait title like “Xbox Two Coming Soon” or “PS5 Release Date” is near certain to rack up a good amount of views, and often times video makers will mislead their viewers in an effort to make money off of monetized videos. There is certainly some reliable information on YouTube, but you should think critically about any sort of product leak or announcement. Currently, there’s no reliable videos on YouTube that confirm an upcoming release of an Xbox Two or PS5.

A Bad Business Decision

Another aspect to consider when discussing the potential release of an Xbox Two or PS5 is the effect it would have on Sony or Microsoft’s profits. While there’s no doubt that a release of a new console drives major sales, a lot of manufacturers actually sell their consoles at a loss – hoping to make up a lot of that loss in the sale of new games. By ensuring the consoles are affordable for a wider audience, the companies can get their games in the hands of more consumers which leads to higher profits.

However, it’s important to consider the recent release of the Xbox One X and the PlayStation Slim and Pro. Many users bought products like the X in hopes of having a console that can deliver the best graphics currently available to consoles. While there’s no doubt already an opportunity for advancement in terms of graphics technology, releasing an Xbox Two or PS5 so soon would be a bit of a slap in the face to consumers who just bought the companies’ newest devices.

While the trend with smartphones is to aim for yearly releases, that business model isn’t as applicable to devices like gaming consoles. While the technology may be there to develop an Xbox Two or PS5, the fact remains that the consoles are simply a tool in order to access video games. By releasing a new console every year – or even every couple of years – Microsoft and Sony would be cutting off sales from the myriad of developers that are working on games for the current generation of devices.

A Possible New Release

While we feel that it’s incredibly unlikely that we’ll soon see an Xbox Two or PS5, we very well could see some iteration of the current generation in the near future – perhaps next year. Two years is a decent amount of time to develop a new take on the current technology, and an update to the Xbox One S, for example, might be a feasible and smart business decision for the company. At the end of the day, console sales are driven by games. With how many releases we’ve seen for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, releasing a new generation of consoles so soon that makes those games obsolete just doesn’t make sense – regardless of what some rumor YouTube videos may have you believe.

It’s possible that a new console is on the horizon, but that console will likely take advantage of the current technology and game library rather than reinventing the wheel. While it’s always exciting to dream about the next new advancement in gaming systems, the fact remains that both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are far from finished. For those of us excited about the Xbox Two and PS5, it’s looking like we may be waiting quite some time.


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