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We’ve known for some time now that macOS Sierra was to be made available today and now we have the link for a direct download, before iMac and Mac laptop users are prompted to download it from the App Store that most of us have on both our docks and in reminders (notifications if turned on).

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The link and what to expect from MacOS Sierra

I almost thought I spoke too soon as the App Store just prompted me to update my operating system but that was a Safari 10 update the company recommended. If you’re you’re looking to be the first kid on your block to take macOS Sierra for a test drive simply use the following link or just wait until later and download from the App Store. Either way, here it is – Download MacOS Sierra.

For most. the biggest reason to download this free update will be the fact that Apple has finally brought Siri to devices that are not the iPhone or iPad and that is big news. Laptop and desktop users of Apple will finally be able to access the digital assistant that is the iconic Siri. That’s not all Apple has done but that is the big news.

Let’s start with Siri who debuted on iOS in 2011 and been steadily improved since then. Siri has gotten consirably more robust in the last couple of years after Apple opened “her” API to developers to integrate her into third-party applications. Because of this Siri is now able to call you an Uber, play your music for you and read your email among other things.

Results from Siri can be added to your Notification Center now that it’s available for download.

Tabs and other improvements

With macOS Sierra, Apple now allows you to open tabs if it’s an application that allows for multiple windows.

Apple Pay has finally been brought to the desktop with macOS Sierra, you will however need an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and open one with Touch ID to use Apple Pay on your iMac of laptop.

If you’re an Apple Watch owner running watchOS 3, you will no longer need to unlock your Mac with a password, the watch will do it for you.

One of the most fantastic features is the improvement to the the iCloud so for iMac users who work primarily on that device (like me) you can expect seemless integration with other Apple devices now. If you have other devices running macOS Sierra, for instance a MacBook Pro or a Macbook Air (like me).

Photos has once again been improved with macOS Sierra and Storage Optimizer will be fantastic for millions. I would love to write more but I’m almost ready to install the new OS and get started using it though it is a taking awhile as many have seemingly already begun downloading a large program and, well, Guatemalan internet just isnt that fast.

Once again, here is your link.

There are other improvements but I want to be the first to get you that link so we will be covering them in a separate piece.

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