Diamonds Classification, Cuts And Quality [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Diamonds can be found in a variety of beautiful shapes. Read about the most popular diamond shapes and their qualities before shopping for diamonds by checking out this infographic created by a consignment jewelry store in the Bay Area.

The 4Cs Of Diamonds

When selecting a diamond, most jewellers refer to the 4 C’s, these four factors largely determine the value of a diamond:


This precious stone come in a range of colours from faint yellow or brown, through to very rare pinks, blues, greens and other colours known as fancies.

Carat or weight

The weight is measured in ‘carats’ (often abbreviated to ‘ct’), with diamonds being available in various weights and fractions of a carat.


Almost all diamonds contain inclusions (often called birthmarks) which affect its clarity.


A diamond is cut into many shapes, with the shape normally dictated by the shape of the rough diamond.

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