Global Financial Markets Are Not Set Up For A Margin Call

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We discuss some heavy stuff in this video from a Meta Investing Strategy standpoint on how to best deal with the Debt Monetization, Money Printing trying to inflate and Paper Over poor and unsound deficit financing government spending strategies. We look at the Gold Markets, Currency Markets, Stock Markets and discuss Warren Buffet in consideration along with Ben Bernanke`s contribution of Helicopter Money and how in an effort to prevent the 1929 Crash Scenario in 2007 Central Banks all over the world got so involved in Financial Markets that there are no more government or central banks options to prevent the upcoming Financial Asset Crash Cycle this time around.

The only prudent investment strategy besides what I do as a trader is to be completely out of the market, out of all assets sitting in cash and waiting to deploy capital after at the minimum of a 50% retracement in Global Financial Asset Prices, and then if we take the Nikkei 225 Stock Market as our guide, then divide the S&P 500 by 4 and this is where we ultimately are going to be forced down to, maybe even lower in a contagion effects scenario of a complete margin call on the entire global financial system.

A 50% retracement is the minimum level before you even think about looking at asset prices again for the buy and hold long term investment strategy that Warren Buffet promotes so vigorously as the ideal way to hedge government Debt Monetization Inflation Schemes.

Sure you are going to miss out, and the market will move around a lot, and you will be tempted to buy the next 5 or 10% pullback, but if this is long term money to just buy and hold for the long haul, then you have to be patient and wait for the end game correction of unsound financial intervention, and the Nikkei 225 crash is where we are headed, just like the 2000 crash, 2007 crash where assets were cut in half, this time we get the big crash because there are no more bailouts, central bank tricks, or mark to market shenanigans to save financial markets this time around.

Finally investors like Warren Buffet will not be bailed out by governments or central banks with this buy and hold forever investment fallacy.


Debt Monetization, Financial Markets, Central Banks

Debt Monetization, Financial Markets, Central Banks


<H4>Debt Monetization, Financial Markets, Central Banks</H4>

Debt Monetization, Financial Markets, Central Banks


This is why the Federal Reserve is really worried right now and so should you as an investor, go to cash now. Your neighbor will brag about how much money he is making in the stock market, and all those stories, but they never come back and tell you about when their 401k becomes a 201k in the next market crash which comes as regular as somebody needs to be bailed out for over extending themselves in an irresponsible manner.

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