The Emperor Has No Brains

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By election day, a large majority of voters will know at least one person– a friend, a work colleague, a neighbor, or a close relative – who had died from the coronavirus.
Even if President Donald Trump actually had done all he claimed to have done to stop the spread of the virus, thousands of Americans might still have died. Now, a steadily growing number of voters is blaming our self-proclaimed “wartime president” — not for just not doing his job — but for actively obstructing the efforts of our nation’s governors, epidemiologists, scientific researchers, healthcare workers and first responders from doing theirs.
A few days ago, when the president suggested that we might try drinking or injecting household disinfectants to kill off the virus, it suddenly became quite apparent that our emperor had no brains. Indeed, his suggestions may have put the lives of countless numbers of Trump supporters at great risk.

Dead people for Biden

You might be wondering how anyone could still vote for this supremely egotistical ignoramus. But you know, of course, that legions of Trump’s loyal followers will still vote for him on November 3rd.
Now, after the president’s Clorox moment, many voters who were still undecided have finally realized that this man is utterly unfit to lead our nation through this crisis. And these are the folks who will be casting the deciding votes.
How can you vote for a man who has been standing by while people you know have been dying? We have finally reached the tipping point when a growing majority of Americans is finally proclaiming, “Enough is enough!”
Trump often makes the claim that millions of dead people vote – and that they always vote for the Democrat. Well, in this election, a huge number of dead people will be voting for the Democrat, if only by proxy. Their votes will be cast by their friends and their families.

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