Cydia Tweak: Reject Incoming Calls By Turning iPhone Face Down

Cydia Tweak: Reject Incoming Calls By Turning iPhone Face Down
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Cydia is packed with a number of useful tweaks and packages that lets you get the most out of your iOS device. Developers, like always, strive to bring small and useful tweaks which add useful functionality to jailbroken iOS users. Especially for the iPhone, the developers keep on coming up with new tweaks that just work great, and help solve problems for the user. We’ve seen so many tweaks for the iPhone, that now it seems to be the favorite device of developers. Turn 2 Hangup is one such useful utility for jailbroken iPhone users.

Rejecting a call on an iPhone is not a hard task, but this new tweak provides an alternative way that is easy and simple to use. When this package is installed, it doesn’t add any new icon to the home screen as it makes use of  physical gestures, using the iPhone’s built-in hardware accelerometer.

Cydia Tweak: Reject Incoming Calls By Turning iPhone Face Down

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When a call is received, rather than rejecting it normally, users can simply turn the device face down on a flat surface, which will reject the call and send it to voice mail, if configured on the device. There’s one more functionality that this tweak adds, as it can also mute the ringing and vibrating by just shaking the device. When you’re busy and don’t want the interruption by the ringtone of the iPhone, then you can simply shake it to mute that ringtone. It is very useful when you’ve forgotten to flip that mute switch to ON.

This tweak comes with its own settings panel, where the package can be toggled ON or OFF. No doubt this is yet another interesting tweak by the jailbreak community, and provides a new way to hang up the call on iPhone.

Turn 2 Hangup can be installed free of charge from the BigBoss repository. No specific iOS version requirements are given by the developer.

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