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A big week for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Coinbase/IRS dispute, topping $11,000 than crashing, remarks by Mike Novogratz, Ken Griffin and much more we probably forgot already – here is what some of the experts on the topic are saying

It’s a bubble

“A lot of educated people believe this is a bubble and I would agree. The market is stirring and while that might indicate a bubble, there are always the big players the rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Look at Amazon or PayPal who came out of the tech bubble. The hype and excitement are bringing much needed attention to the technology and now the real work can begin on building protocol level infrastructure to support a future built on Blockchain.”

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– Samantha Radocchia, Co-founder of Chronicled – a blockchain and IoT company

It’s time to be adults

“Bitcoin hitting $10k is yet another reminder that cryptocurrency is moving towards mainstream adoption. Every incremental price increase represents a push forward in the public consciousness. As the Bitcoin market cap reaches more and more globally meaningful levels, there’s an increasing need for true professionalization of the digital asset space. Everything from the leaders in market cap to brand new ICOs need to be thinking hard about regulatory compliance as they interface more with the existing world of finance.”

– Andy Bromberg, CEO and Co-founder of CoinList, a platform that manages top tier ICOs

Bitcoin must improve

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“Bitcoin has nearly single-handedly created a whole new class of independently wealthy individuals, whose funds are entirely under their control and cannot be seized or frozen by anyone. With that in mind, it also means that Bitcoin must continue to improve – for instance adding privacy features – like Monero currently has, in order to reduce the risk of criminals being able to determine who these individuals are.”

– Riccardo ‘fluffypony” Spagni, core developer for Monero – a top cryptocurrency dedicated to privacy and anonymity

Bitcoin and the ICO Market

Even at $10,000, the total market cap of crypto is only $300M. What $10000 means is that the mainstream is waking up and beginning to invest because the buy-in is here and crypto is here to stay. I believe it will keep rising. For token sales, It means we will see more interest and also more people willing to invest in token sales. There is more knowledge out there behind crypto and that’s great for all aspects of the industry including ICOs.

– Dan Novaes, co-founder of Current, a media platform, a utility token and a protocol that makes adoption of cryptocurrency as easy as pressing play.

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