Crypto Expert Addresses The Upside And Potential Dangers Of Google’s New Crypto Ads Ban

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Every day, there seems to be another new crypto development in the news. With Google’s latest announcement to ban cryptocurrency ads from their site in June, those in the market are concerned with what this might mean for their ICOs and tokens. Austin Kimm, IR Director and Co-Founder of Crypterium, one of the leading digital cryptobanks, is a definitive industry expert and a quintessential thought leader who believes there are positive opportunities in addition to the potential for danger.

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Austin believes that the ad ban has great potential since it will allow the most substantiated cryptocurrencies to rise to the top rather than be buried under hundreds of others throwing money into advertising. This will hopefully inspire buyers to do more research, including reading companies’ whitepapers and looking into the founders more carefully. Austin also sees the potential downside if Google and other ad companies do not know the difference between an ICO, selling tokens, and the utility nature of a token. Without this understanding it could lead to banning all token ads, which could include video games that simply require the use of their own tokens in order to play a game! That would essentially cripple an industry.

To see Austin speak about this topic in his own words, click here.

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