Create a Facebook Timeline Cover With Your Instagram Photos

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If you are an Instagram user and have captured some beautiful shots, then you can set those photos as your Facebook Timeline Cover with the help of a web app named as InstaCover. This app lets you create a photo collage from your Instagram photos and then set that picture as your Facebook Cover. If you have captured some amazing, eye grabbing images on Instagram then you should definitely try out this app. Fortunately, the process is easy and anyone can do this.

As we know, Facebook Timeline has got mixed reviews from around the world. Some people like this Timeline, while some hate this. Whichever side we may be, we’re still using Facebook and we have to live with the changes that Facebook makes. Let’s learn how to set Instagram photos as your Facebook Cover photo.

To get started, you have to sign-in with your Facebook account. Next, you’ll need to authorize this app to access your basic information and also post on your behalf.

Below you can see the main screen of this app. You can choose your own photos, insert user ID of another user, specify a category, tags or select from photos that you liked. You can also choose the layout, spacing, add text with a color of your choice and do much more.

Create a Facebook Timeline Cover With Your Instagram Photos

The following preview is created by selecting small layout. You can of course try and experiment with different settings. If you’re not satisfied by the preview, then you can click on “Cancel” button and then change settings again.

Create a Facebook Timeline Cover With Your Instagram Photos

You can change photo position by dragging and dropping or click on X to remove that photo and replace it with another one. Below, you can see the final preview.

When you are done creating the image of your choice, click on “Save to album on Facebook”. This image is not directly made your profile cover, but it is saved to your album on Facebook. On your timeline page, click on “Change cover > Choose from Photos” and then select your newly created image as your cover. The final image will have a stamp that states “Created with”.

There is one downside though. You cannot choose images by yourself but this app random chooses images, which means you don’t have complete control. You can always click on X to remove the photo and a new photo will automatically appear at the same place.

This is an excellent app for those Instagram users who are not an expert at Photoshop but want to set their Instagram photos as Facebook Cover. Try heading to this web app and create your cover that stands out.

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