Maybe We’re Going After The Wrong Bad Guys

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Growing up in Brooklyn after World War II, we played a whole bunch of games among ourselves. One of the most popular was Cowboys and Indians. Even if you grew up a decade or two later, you still knew who were the good guys and who were the bad guys.

Today, schoolchildren learn how the white settlers and the U.S. government not only stole the Indians’ lands, but committed massive genocide. Indeed, we feel so guilty about these injustices that we may finally punish one of the worst offenders, Andrew Jackson, by removing his portrait from the twenty-dollar bill.

Today, several Republican-controlled states are so alarmed about voter fraud that they have instituted stringent voter I.D. laws to ensure that only legally registered voters cast ballots. That these laws disenfranchise millions of potential voters – the large majority of whom are likely Democrats – is truly unfortunate. But they are necessary to prevent a handful of bad guys from casting fraudulent ballots.

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There are frequent mass shootings all across our nation. In virtually every instance, the shooter has been a native-born white male. So how do we make America safe?

Could it be that the vast proliferation of all kinds of firearms enables these mass shootings? Not according to the National Rifle Association, or even our president.

We all need to carry concealed weapons. That will certainly reduce gun violence. The bad guys will think twice before shooting people, because the good guys will shoot back. Of course, with all those bullets flying around, even more people might get shot.

Still, we are in good hands. President Trump, who truly wants to make America safe again, has identified the greatest threat to our nation’s safety, and sent thousands of troops to stop it from crossing our nation’s Southern border.

That’s right! That caravan, slowly making its way from Central America, is composed not just of a lot of poor people who want to go on welfare, but also members of criminal gangs and even Middle Eastern terrorists.

But wait! It gets even worse. Who do you thing is financing the caravan? Billionaire George Soros and a bunch of Democrats.

Born just after World War II, Donald Trump is apparently still playing his own version of Cowboys and Indians. It’s great that our president can so easily tell the good guys from the bad.

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