Corpus Christie Officers Shot Serving Warrant

Corpus Christie Officers Shot Serving Warrant

Police in Corpus Christie arrested three people in connection with the shootings of three police officers

Corpus Christie media are reporting that three SWAT officers were shot while serving a narcotics warrant today. KRIS-TV reports that the officers were shot while serving the warrant at a house on Churchill which they believe to be a drug house.

Officers transported to the hospital

Emergency personnel transported the three Corpus Christie Police officers to Christus Spohn Memorial. Their conditions have not yet been released, although at least one of the officers was apparently already discharged from the hospital. KRIS-TV lists the three injured officers as Sr. Officer Steven Ruebelmann, Officer Andrew Jordan and Officer Steven Brown.

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Police said the gunman shot Jordan in the leg and forearm and Ruebelmann in the hand and wrist. The shooter allegedly shot Brown in the right calf. Brown has reportedly already been discharged from the hospital.

Three arrested in police officer shootings

Officers told KRIS-TV that they arrested three people in connection with the police officer shootings. The Corpus Christie Police Department closed the neighborhood around the HEB Tennis Center and advised all residents of the neighborhood to remain indoors for the time being. They said crime scene techs will be gathering evidence in the area for quite some time.

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