Kanye West tells fans to use coronavirus stimulus checks to buy land

Kanye West tells fans to use coronavirus stimulus checks to buy land
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There are no signs yet of the second stimulus checks, but people are already coming up with advice on what people should do with their $1,200. One such advice came from an unexpected name – rapper Kanye West. In a tweet, West told his followers that they should use their coronavirus stimulus checks to buy land.

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Use coronavirus stimulus checks to buy land: West

West, in a tweet, asked his followers to “Use the government money and buy land.” It isn’t clear whether West was referring to the first coronavirus stimulus checks, or the next round of checks (if they come). But, we believe he is likely talking about the second one as most people would have already spent their first checks by now.

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West’s tweet asking people to buy land with the stimulus checks got some hilarious responses. One Twitter user responded with a picture of a doll's house, saying this is the land “I'm buying with the $1200 from the government.”

Another user said, "Kanye, what am I going to buy with $1200? Sticks?"

Apart from asking people to buy land, West made several other tweets on Monday. In one of his tweets, West declared himself the "new Moses." Moreover, West also said that he won’t release any new music until “I'm done with my contract with Sony and Universal ... On God ... in Jesus name ... come and get me."

In another tweet, West also asked Drake and J. Cole to apologize to him.

Will there be another stimulus check?

Other advice that many are giving is investing the stimulus check amount in Bitcoin. Those who suggest investing in Bitcoin argue that $1,200 investment would be worth more than $2,000 (as of September 1).

Many it seems are interested in the idea of investing in Bitcoin. More than 13,000 Americans are following a Twitter account, called Bitcoinstimulus, which shows how much the first $1,200 stimulus check would have grown to had they invested the same in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin may appear a good investment option, but the fact is there is no surety if there will be another round of stimulus checks. Presently, both Democrats and Republicans are no way near a deal on another relief package.

Democrats are firm on their demand for a relief package of about $2.2 trillion. Republicans, on the other hand, want to keep the relief package to as low as possible. The Senate Republicans initially came up with a proposal for about $1 trillion, but last week, they introduced another package costing about $500 billion, which didn’t include stimulus checks.

This $500 billion proposal was rejected by the Democrats. Since then there hadn’t been any development on the next relief package until yesterday. On Tuesday, the House Problem Solvers Caucus group introduced a $1.5 trillion package to break the ongoing stalemate over the next relief package.

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