Coronavirus stimulus checks: Some couples to get payment in two parts

Coronavirus stimulus checks: Some couples to get payment in two parts
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Millions of people have received the third stimulus check, and millions more should get it soon, including couples filing jointly. Some couples, however, might have received only half the amount of the stimulus payment they were eligible for. If you also filed as a couple and got half the payment, then don’t worry, the balance of your coronavirus stimulus check should arrive soon.

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Possible glitch with coronavirus stimulus check for couples

This week, thousands of couples took to social media to express their frustration on receiving only half the stimulus payment. There is even a Facebook group by the name "Half Stimulus Missing/Received Status."

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These couples are under the impression that the IRS sent them the stimulus check of the wrong amount. However, the agency recently clarified that some couples will get the payment in two parts.

The reason for this is a glitch in the system that divides the coronavirus stimulus payment for couples. This glitch, however, effects mainly those where one person filed an injured spousal claim.

"Married taxpayers who file jointly whose tax return includes an injured spouse claim may get their EIP3 as two separate payments," the agency said in a statement.

Further, the agency informed that in such cases, one payment would come via direct deposit, and the other might come via mail. Also, the “second payment may come the same week or within weeks of the first payment."

Following the IRS’ clarifications, many couples also noticed that their bank account is showing a pending deposit for the other half of the money.

For instance, a couple with a dependent and filing jointly would be eligible for a payment of $4,200. This payment, however, will be split in two parts of $2,100 – $1,400 for each spouse and $700 for the dependent.

Couples can check status of their payment

As per the IRS, the couples getting only half the payment can also go to the Get My Payment tool to check the status of their payment. They, however, need to each use their Social Security number to check the status of their payment.

The tool will show the dates when the IRS will deposit the money for each person. It is very likely that the dates will be different for each.

"Yes this is what is happening to me. We got half under my husband’s on the 17th and mine says the 24th," one user wrote on the Facebook Group.

Also, it is recommended that if you checked your payment status on the Get My Payment tool once, and it shows the payment for spouses would arrive on the same day, then check it again. Several people reported that the date of one of the payments got changed after they first checked it.

Couples filing jointly and having an income of less than $150,000 would qualify for the full stimulus check amount of $1,400 each. A family of four, in this case, would be eligible to get $5,600.

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