Comcast Releases Xfinity xFi To Give You More Control Over Home Wi-Fi

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Comcast has released a new and simple way for people to manage their home Wi-Fi network called Xfinity xFi. This is amazing news for users because it will make their online experience even better by giving them better control over their home network. The new service is available to all existing XB3 gateway users immediately.

How Xfinity xFi helps Wi-fi users

One advantage that you can surely expect from the Xfinity platform is ease of use. The cable TV and Internet service provider says that users can quickly pause Wi-Fi access to certain devices or the entire network with the help of xFi. Users can also monitor all the activities of devices with this platform, including receiving alerts when a new device connects to their home network, and manage several devices by grouping them into profiles.

Customers will be able to set up their home Wi-Fi network, see what devices are connected, find their passwords, set parental controls, pause Wi-Fi access on their home network during bedtime or dinnertime, and even troubleshoot issues with one digital dashboard.

In a statement, Eric Schaefer, Comcast Cable’s senior vice president of internet and communications services, said, “It’s a platform that will allow us to bring future innovations to our customers, address common pain points and vastly improve the way millions of people interact with their home Wi-Fi network.”

The xFi Gateways, like other Wi-Fi systems such as the Amped Wireless Ally or the TP-Link Deco M5, have a built-in defense against malware and phishing, notes CNET. The xFi can be controlled through the website, the mobile app, or even on the TV with the X1 voice remote. Customers need to just download the xFi app (for Android or iOS) or visit the xFinity website to get started.

Comcast continues to expand its offerings

The Xfinity xFi will be available for free to about 10 million existing customers who are currently using XB3 Gateway. Xfinity xFi is also available to customers getting the new xFi Advanced Wireless Gateway, which was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, notes CNET. For now, the Advanced Gateway is available only to the company’s gigabit Internet customers. These devices work as a combined wireless router and cable modem for users.

Comcast’s new service comes at a time when more and more users are connecting a growing number of devices. The company expects that Americans on average will have 50 connected devices in their homes by 2020, notes Fortune. Further, the company expects the number of xFi-ready homes to increase to 15 million by this year’s end. To do this, the Internet service provider is adding new customers, upgrading more of its devices to support xFi and rolling out the xFi Advanced Gateway to more people.

The company will release no-configuration, adaptive xFi pods later this year as well. The xFi pods can be paired with either the xFi Advanced Gateway or the xFi Wireless Gateway to assist customers in extending their Wi-Fi coverage to the most remote areas of their homes as well, notes USA Today.

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