Wildlife Colour Palettes Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Wildlife Travel is one of the most popular vacation types in the world, and a brand new design project from Ampersand Travel has highlighted some of the best, and the brightest, countries to view wildlife around the world.

This incredible new Wildlife Colourscapes series, showcases the varying and distinctive colours of nature you can find around the world.

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colour palette

The fascinating images give an immediate glance as to the colour palette of different countries, based on their native wildlife and nature – from the cool pastels of Canada to the bright colours of Brazil and the warm hues of Australia.

colour palette

The travel company looked at some of the iconic animals, plants and landscapes located in some of the best wildlife destinations in the world, including of course the USA.

The USA colourscape incorporates the blues, yellows and greens found across our country’s magnificent national parks, alongside the browns, greys and black from our national animals including the American black bear, the bald eagle and the bison.

colour palette

Our neighbouring country of Canada displayed cooler pastel tones from their artic animals and landscapes, as well as some similar shades of greens and browns to the USA which can be found across Canada’s mountainous areas, home to grizzly bears and moose – which is the national animal of Canada.

colour palette

Elsewhere, captivating colours include the bright and bold blue, yellows and oranges of Brazil found across the countries epic Amazon Rainforest and incredible wildlife including blue macaws and toco toucans.

colour palette

Sri Lanka also displayed an impressive selection of bright colours from the country’s majestic marine life, including sea turtles and spinner dolphins as well as its colourful rainforests and interesting native bird population.



Switzerland and Antarctica carried similar cooler tones, due to their cooler climate and the wildlife which this attracts. In Antarctica the colour palette carries hues of blues, greys and whites from the snowy landscapes, emperor penguins and leopard seals. Switzerland has many of the same cool tones alongside the brighter greens and oranges from the country’s beautiful mountain landscapes and golden eagles.


The UK, home to green hills and woodland animals, displayed earthier colours of greens and orange and well as hints of purple from the country’s native plants, such as heather.


China’s colour palette carried a regal tone, ranging from warm browns to bright yellows and reds, taking in the country’s Chinese pheasants, golden snub-nosed monkeys and of course, the giant pandas.

This impressive new design project offers a fascinating insight into how the colours of nature vary in countries around the world and give a beautifully aesthetic glance at how each country looks.

You can view the full designs below and find out more about the series on the Ampersand Travel website.

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