Christians must stand up for faith in all areas of their lives

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Timothy Plan Founder Art Ally: Star Quarterback Attacked for Support of ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’ Is a Reminder and a Call to Action

ORLANDO, Fla.—When a star quarterback encouraged students to bring their Bibles to school and share their faith with their friends, the attacks were swift and harsh.

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But the leader of the Timothy Plan family of biblically responsible mutual funds and ETFs wants more Christians to stand up for their beliefs, in spite of the backlash.

It began earlier this month, when New Orleans Saints star Drew Brees recorded a short video for Focus on the Family to encourage students to live out their faith on Bring Your Bible to School Day on Oct. 3 and share their beliefs with their friends.

In the video, Brees shared one of his favorite verses: “For we live by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7) as he encouraged students to participate in Bring Your Bible to School Day. But many attacked him for being associated with the pro-family, pro-traditional values group.

“This football star has made no secret of his devout Christian faith,” said Timothy Plan founder Art Ally. “But Drew Brees was immediately attacked by activists. Even though he went on defense after the attacks, he is still to be commended for his original intent, which was to encourage kids to demonstrate their faith by bringing Bibles to school.

“We need more Christian role models to stand up and speak out,” Ally continued. “However, when you do, you expose yourself to a barrage of vitriolic attacks by the ‘far-left.’ Unfortunately, at times, even some members of the Christian community will feel compelled to ‘pile on’ when a fellow Christian comes under attack if that Christian does not fully meet their every expectation. This can and does have the effect of discouraging others to come forward. We cannot and must not relinquish our inalienable rights by allowing others to have an exclusive soapbox.

“Not even a Super Bowl MVP quarterback who has himself campaigned against bullying in cooperation with LGBT activists is immune from the spurious charge of ‘hate,’” Ally said. “All over the nation, Christians are coming under attack merely for trying to live out their faith. Social media giants Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Google’s YouTube and even Pinterest have all been caught censoring Christians and conservatives.”

Ally added that Christians are to love their neighbors whether they agree with their views or not.

“But this does not mean we have to embrace sin,” Ally said. “In fact, if you want what’s best for people, you try to steer them away from sin. God made rules for human behavior, including sexuality, because He loves us and wants the best for us.”

He also noted that Christian legal defense groups like Liberty Counsel and Alliance Defending Freedom are involved with hundreds of lawsuits all over the nation, defending individuals and businesses that have wrongfully been declared “hate groups.”

“This is all part of a larger war on Christianity, and Drew Brees is merely the latest Christian to be publicly attacked for his faith,” Ally concluded. “We all need to stand up and show support to those willing to stand up for their faith. Unless more Christians speak out and show how absurd the charge of ‘hate’ really is, we can expect much more of the same.”

Read the entire post on this subject on the Timothy Plan blog site. For more on #BringYourBible to School Day on Oct. 3, click here.

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