China Defiant Against Forceful Involvement of West in Syria

China Defiant Against Forceful Involvement of West in Syria
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China Defiant Against Forceful Involvement of West in Syria

The Chinese government has withheld its stand against forceful intervention of the west on Syrian Matters. The Chinese along with Russia showed their resolute disapproval of interfering with Syria’s sovereignty when they refused to back Arab leagues plans back in February.

The two members of the security council were the only who vetoed a resolution made asking the Syrian President to step down with immediate effect. All the other 13 member states of the security council had voted in favor of the move.

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China pointed to previous regimes that proved erroneous in the past including that of Afghanistan, Iraq, and most recent Libya. The Chinese government feels that Syria should be left alone to handle its civil issues in-house without any interference from the West.

In an effort to back it’s stand, China highlighted the road-map laid down by former United nations secretary general Mr. Koffi Annan, insisting that the only way to effectively Koffi Annan’s peace policy is by letting the countries exercise their sovereign power in resolving such issues.

China’s People’s Daily, believed to be among  the longest and clearest expositions of China’s stance in recent weeks, as noted in the New York Times, expressed the need for patience toward implementing Koffi Annan’s plan, as quoted saying, ““International society, instead of losing confidence and patience, should support Annan’s peace plan and not propagate ‘Annan’s plan is dead’ around the world out of ulterior motives,”

The Syrian president Bashar Al Assad, has denied allegations that his government had any role in the recent massacre involving militiamen, which left 108 people dead in the village of Houla on May 25th.

It was this Massacre that reignited the push by the Arab-Western cameo partnership that backed the resignation of the current president to pave way for investigations. Upon the denial of his government’s participation in the horrific massacre, the Arab-West partnership are now pushing for mare aggressive methods to force the incumbent to step down.

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