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Checkra1n jailbreak tool for Windows: how to get it now

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Checkra1n jailbreak is finally available to the public. The jailbreak tool that is based on the axi0mX’s new checkm8 bootrom exploit supports all devices from A5-A11 or iOS versions from iOS 12.3 – iOS 13.2.2. Checkra1n, however, supports only macOS for now, and there is no word yet on the release of Checkra1n for Windows. However, Windows users can benefit from the Checkra1n even now by using the below tricks.

Checkra1n: all you need to know

Hacker Luca Todesco presented the Checkra1n jailbreak to the public on Friday. It is a pretty powerful jailbreaking tool, something that hasn’t been available to the jailbreak community since the time of imera1n (for A4 powered iPhone 4). Though the Checkra1n is not untethered like limera1n, Apple can’t patch it with a software update.

This means a big relief for the jailbreaking community from the constant fear that Apple may render their device useless. A point to note is that the software updates may not be able to patch the checkm8 exploit, but they can still break the Checkra1n jailbreak. This means that you will have to maintain Checkra1n as long as Apple is releasing the software updates for the supported devices.

There is a warning for users who want to try out the Checkra1n tool. Since the tool is available as a beta version (version 0.9), it is recommended that you don’t install it on your primary device. Beta versions are known to be unstable, and thus, you should wait for the tool to come out of the beta testing.

For those who want to use Checkra1n jailbreak, there are numerous guides available online detailing the step-by-step process. However, before you move forward with it, remember this new jailbreak tool is available only for the macOS users. So, if you have a Windows PC, you will have to wait for some time for the official release of the Checkra1n for Windows.

Checkra1n for Windows: how to get it?

According to the team behind Checkra1n, there are still some compatibility tests to be carried out before they release Checkra1n for Windows. Specifically, the team is working on a kernel driver for Windows, and this as per the team, is a difficult task.

“We need to write a kernel driver to support Windows (which is a very complex piece of code!) which will take time. Rest assured however, we are working hard on it,” the team said, according to Redmond Pie.

So, indirectly the team is asking the Windows users to wait patiently until they complete the testing. However, for impatient Windows users, there are a few tricks that they can use to install Checkra1n on their device now.

The first trick is the easiest of all, and all you have to do is borrow a MacBook or iMac from your friend or colleague. Once you borrow the device, all you have to do is download and run Checkra1n.

The second trick is a bit difficult, and requires you to set up a Hackintosh on a Windows-based machine. Hackintosh is referred to a computer that runs Apple’s macOS on hardware that is not authorized to run it. “Hackintoshing” started in 2005 after Apple moved to Intel processors from PowerPC.

You can find out all about Hackintoshing, including the process, steps and more from this link.

There is one more trick that Windows users can try, but it is the most difficult. This trick requires running the macOS VM on Windows PC. For this trick to succeed, a key requirement is to remap the USB for the virtual machine. This is the most difficult thing to do and requires a good deal of technical knowledge.

Supported devices and other details

So, these are the options that Windows users have currently to get Checkra1n. The above options are not recommended if you lack the technical know-how to implement them. If you are not confident, then you should not try the tricks and wait patiently for the Checkra1n for Windows.

Talking of Checkra1n, it supports all iOS running iOS 12.3 and later, and all handsets from iPhone 5s and higher to the iPhone X. A few exceptions are iPad Pro (1st generation), iPad (5th generation), and iPad Air 2.

For now, there is not much information on its performance on devices such as iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and iPad Air. So be cautious while attempting to jailbreak these devices. The reliability will surely improve as the Checkra1n jailbreak moves forward in the beta testing.

Another important thing to note about this new jailbreak tool is that it is semi-tethered. This means, you will need a PC to start the jailbreak process and you will have to jailbreak the device again (by connecting to a PC) if you reboot it. Also, Checkra1n currently supports only the Cydia package manager, but the team is working on adding support for other package managers as well.

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