Charlie Sheen Trending: Massive Middle East War Could Start Tomorrow

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Israel tomorrow is gearing up for a huge potential clash on its borders. We were going to write about this earlier in the week, but were waiting to see more details as they became available. We are not conspiracy theorists, and are just presenting facts here. While this could spark a regional war, Charlie Sheen is trending #2 on google news currently.

Tomorrow is land day in Israel. Land is the the anniversary for the death of six Israeli-Arabs who were protesting against Government land policies. Every year the day attracts small protests from the Israeli-Arab community.

However this year in an attempt to de-legitimize the country of Israel, millions of protestors plan to storm the border. This happened on a smaller scale earlier last year, when hundreds of protesters stormed the Israeli border with Syria, with one protestor reaching as far as Tel Aviv. 16 protestors died in the ensuing clashes.

The clashes were meant to protest the ‘Nakbah”, known in Arabic as the catastrophe, which is also the day Israel declared Independence in 1948.

An American official, who was not authorized to speak on the record, told us that President Assad, ordered the invasion to distract Syrians from the civil war in the country. Additionally, this was semi-confirmed, when emails were leaked, which revealed that Iran urged Syria to make Israel public enemy #1, in order to divert attention from its domestic uprising. We have further proof from our source, such as the fact that the area on the border is always closed off to non-military personal; but we will focus on the upcoming event.

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By jan Sefti via Wikimedia Commons

As tomorrow approachs a much more frightening scenario looms. Millions of people plan to march on Israel’s borders in order to deligitimize the country. The march’s organizers have predicted that two million participants will join the protests. Israeli officials say they are braced for tens of thousands.

We doubt the organizers numbers are true, but just to put that in perspective, Israel has a population of 8 million people. Two million people marching on the borders, would be the equievenelt of close to 80 million people storming America from all sides.

The protesters from over 600 institutions and 64 countries, have named the march, “Global March to Jerusalem.” Although, protesters claim the march is meant to be peaceful, it is impossible to see how this march will be peaceful. Furthermore, while the participants claim they want to March to Jerusalem, since they hope East. Jerusalem will be the future capital of a Palestinian state, they plan to march in every single direction, spanning the country, creating a dangerous situation.

By Gilabrand via Wikimedia Commons

Israel has put the security forces on high alert, and gave orders for maximum restraint, but the country is stuck in a catch 22. One cannot allow millions of people to just flood into a country, on the other hand, if people are killed, Israel will be blamed. The protesters are putting the country in a lose lose situation.

Israel also stated that it is “prepared for any eventuality and will do whatever is necessary to protect Israeli borders and residents,” while warning local Arab countries, not to allow the invasion of Israel’s  sovereignty.

Furthermore, while some of the protesters are naive hippies, some are violent terrorists. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the true leader of Iran, promised support for the protest. Many groups participating in the March, first organized in Iran before taking off for tomorrow’s journey.

There is also fear that this could cause unrest in the Palestinian territories. Marwan Barghouti, who is in Israeli prison for life, over his role in massacring guests at an Israeli girl’s 12th birthday party, seems to have thrown his support behind the protestors. He stated recently, “Launching a large-scale popular resistance at this stage will serve the cause of our people.” Barghouti is seen as a potential and more popular, successor, to President Abbas.

Israel made a very unusual move of announcing yesterday, that Israeli soldiers on leave could not leave the country for Passover. Passover is a traditional Jewish Holiday, which starts next Friday. While Israeli officials denied any imminent military operations, the reason could be due to this march, or tensions with Iran, Gaza, Syria etc. However, it does reveal that Israel is concerned about something big happening soon.

Many Israelis leave the country for the Holiday. According to our sources, this move does not apply to Israeli reserves. It means something when soldiers are not only not allowed to leave, but that all units must be on full alert. If Israel was preparing for an attack on Iran, or Gaza it would likely call up the reserves. Since the reserves have not been forbidden to leave, we suspect the reason has to do with tomorrow.

We hope we are wrong, but instead of Charlie Sheen trending tomorrow, we expect to see Israel, along with reports of many casualties. This could have a ripple effect and cause a third intifada, a war with Gaza, or other unfortunate scenarios.

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