Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) On Lockdown: No Shooting Reports Yet

Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) On Lockdown: No Shooting Reports Yet


Twitter is blowing up with reports about the lockdown situation at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). Police descended on the university about an hour ago after reports that a man carrying weapons had entered one of the campus buildings. The official CCSU Twitter account confirms reports of “a suspicious person carrying a gun.”

Reports from the university suggest that the suspect may be inside James Hall, which houses 400 students. Officials continue to urge students to stay away from windows and doors. At this point the lockdown has been going on for about an hour. There are unconfirmed reports that the suspect has been contained although is still not in custody.

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Students and parents who are speaking with local media have made comments about CCSU’s emergency system.


The Associated Press (via New York Post) and other news outlets are reporting that Central Connecticut University (CCSU) is on lockdown because of “a suspicious person.” Police are investigating a report that a man with a gun entered a building on campus.

Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) On Lockdown: No Shooting Reports Yet


No reports of a shooting yet at CCSU

Students were told to stay indoors and away from the windows. Mark McLaughlin, a spokesman for the university, said the situation doesn’t appear to be related to an actual shooting. The university and students were sending out tweets about the situation, with some urging others not to post photos or locations of police officers. The university’s official Twitter account simply read:

“Please remain calm and stay put. #CCSU police are still on the scene.”

The university also urged students to remain connected to Twitter, stay away from windows and put their cell phones on vibrate or silent.

One Central Connecticut University student reportedly told WFSB-TV he couldn’t smoke marijuana because there were police officers in his dorm room.

This story is developing. We will provide more details as soon as they become available.

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