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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Mittermeier Fruits drove evolution of primates brains

Russ Mittermeier Becomes First Person in History To See All 80 Genera of Primates...

Renowned Primatologist Russ Mittermeier Becomes First Person in History To See All 80 Genera of Primates in the Wild New BBC Documentary Episode Featuring Record...
Ebo Forest

Primate Experts Support Inclusive Process to Decide Future of Cameroon’s Biologically Rich Ebo Forest

The Ebo Forest is Home to the World’s Only Population of Chimpanzees That Both Fish for Termites and Crack Nuts Q1 2020 hedge fund letters,...
Business Medicine

Are We Living The Impact Of Mixing Business And Medicine?

Healthcare is starting to cost an arm and a leg, with U.S. spending reaching over 18% of GDP and rising. Maybe you’re thinking that...

Due To Lack Of Testing We Are Self Destructing [CHARTS]

Whitney Tilsson's email to investors discussing how we could solve the coronavirus crisis tomorrow; clinical consequences of covid-19; I’m buying stocks on Monday; Abbott...
bill gates arrest bill gates coronavirus post

One fake Bill Gates coronavirus post and three real videos

If there's one name that keeps coming up in relation to the coronavirus, it's Bill Gates, and a fake post is now circulating through...
Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky coronavirus vaccine

J&J CEO announces a lead COVID-19 vaccine candidate

CNBC transcript: Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky Speaks with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” today and announces that it’s now selected a lead COVID-19 vaccine...
Syr Darya shovelnose sturgeon

Search For Syr Darya Shovelnose Sturgeon Renews Hope

Search for Syr Darya Shovelnose Sturgeon  One of World’s Smallest Sturgeon Species For Renews Hope for Most Wanted Lost Species The search has officially begun...
Plant-Based Diets

Eating Plant-Based Diets To Feel Whole

Grocery stores today are filled with food-like products and very little actual food. When you’re trying to live a plant-based lifestyle, it can be...
Golden Anniversary

NOAA celebrating Golden Anniversary throughout 2020 

NOAA is kicking off a year-long celebration to mark its upcoming 50th anniversary. Since its inception on October 3, 1970, NOAA has become one...
northern highlands

Conserve an acre of forest in Guatemala’s northern highlands

New Online Initiative Offers Holiday Shoppers Chance to Give Unique Gift of Forest Conservation In Northern Highlands Visitors to www.Conserve.org Can Permanently Protect an Acre...

Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and NGOs Look To Protect Forests

Central American governments, Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and NGOs Create Novel Partnership to Safeguard Forests as Natural Solution to Climate Change MADRID, SPAIN (December 13,...

FOUND: Lost Starry Night Harlequin Toad Makes Radiant Return to Science

‘Rediscovery’ of starry night harlequin toad highlights Integral Role of Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledge and Traditions in Wildlife Protection For the first time since 1991, biologists...
marine pollution

Ocean versus marine pollution meaning types and causes [Analysis]

Marine pollution, sea pollution or ocean pollution is said to happen when dangerous and destructive substances, flotsam and jetsam, trash or rubbish enter the...
how languages develop

How do languages develop? Kids can make up their own languages

People around the world speak nearly 6,000 different languages, but scientists have long wondered how all those languages came into being. Now a new...
Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef comes back to life thanks to underwater speakers

Scientists are having a tough time preserving natural habitats and coral reefs around the world, as well as animal conservation due to various climate...