Canceling Disney Plus subscription is not that easy; here’s how to do it

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Disney Plus is a great streaming service if you are a fan of Marvel movies, Star Wars and animated characters. However, if you were among the early adopters of the service, then you should know that the free trial period is set to expire soon. If you are thinking that you can cancel your subscription anytime via the app, then you should know that it is not that easy to cancel your Disney Plus subscription. Thus, you shouldn’t leave it until the last moment.

Why cancel your Disney Plus subscription?

One reason why you might want to cancel your Disney Plus subscription is that the service is streaming The Simpsons in a cropped letterbox 16:9 format. Although the company said it would fix the issue next year, not many will want to wait until then.

Another reason could be because you didn’t find the service worth continuing. Some users may have subscribed to Disney Plus only to compare it with their existing streaming service. Such users may want to cancel if they find that their present service is better than the new one.

Other users may have subscribed only for the free trial period. They never had any intention to continue with the service, and thus, they will be canceling their membership.

Disney Plus offers a seven-day free trial before it will start to charge you $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. Thus, those who subscribed to the service for about a week will have their free trial end soon. It is recommended that such users cancel the service a day before the expiration.

If you are worried that by canceling the service early, you will lose access to the remaining free days, then rest assured that you will still be able to use the service for the full seven-day free-trial period. If after canceling the subscription, you feel that you should re-subscribe, there is always the option to renew. However, you will be charged as the free trial is only a one-time deal.

How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription

The way to cancel your Disney Plus subscription will depend on how you signed up. You can’t cancel the subscription through the Disney app. Rather you will have to use a web browser. Even if you try to use the app to cancel the subscription, it will take you to the web browser. However, if you subscribed to the app via an in-app purchase on iOS or Android, then you will have to cancel from the same platform.

First, let’s see the steps to cancel Disney Plus subscription using a browser:

  1. Open on any browser on your PC or smartphone.
  2. Log in to your Disney Plus account with your username and password.
  3. Select your profile icon and then click or tap “Account.”
  4. Select “Billing details” and then click or tap “Cancel Subscription.”
  5. Confirm your decision to cancel the subscription by selecting “Complete Cancellation.”

That’s it. You will now be taken to a new screen asking you the reason you want to cancel your Disney Plus subscription. You can choose from several available options, including “technical issues,” “I couldn’t find anything to watch,” “I only signed up for the free trial” and more.

Now let’s see the steps to cancel a Disney Plus subscription using the iPhone settings:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap your name at the top and then select “Subscriptions.”
  3. Tap on Disney Plus and then tap “Cancel Subscription.”

That’s it.

Now, let’s see the steps to cancel the Disney Plus subscription using the Play Store:

  1. Go to the Play Store on your Android phone
  2. Tap on the Menu (three stacked lines) and then select “Subscriptions.”
  3. Select Disney Plus and then tap “Cancel subscription.”

That’s it.

You can refer to this video as well:

A rocky start

Disney Plus officially launched a couple of weeks ago in the U.S., Canada and the Netherlands and on Nov. 19 in Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. A day after the initial launch, the company announced that over 10 million users signed up for the service.

The service has had a rocky start with users reporting all sorts of technical issues on launch day. Even a week after the launch, the company said it was still getting a high volume of calls from customers facing issues with the service. The issues raised by the users include being unable to log in to the service or problems with some specific content or features. Although analysts expected Disney to address the issues soon, users are still reporting plenty of them.

“At the moment we are receiving a high volume of customer cases,” the company said in a tweet earlier this week in replay to a user complaint.

Disney also told many users it is “working around the clock to resolve any issues.”

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