Can Tim Cook Really Replace Legendary Steve Jobs?

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Last October the world mourned over the loss of  Steve Jobs.

Jobs was the visionary and brain behind Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). He was the creator of the Macintosh computer,  iPod, iPhone, and iPad. His successful visions made his company one of the world’s most successful and lucrative businesses out there. But there was much more to Jobs than just a business man. He was also a philanthropist, a husband, a father, and just a regular man who people liked and it’s hard to imagine anyone else filling his shoes.

Tim Cook, the new chief executive of Apple, is a relatively new name and face despite the fact he has been a part of the company since 1998. And even though it hasn’t even been a full year since he replaced Jobs back in August, he’s turning out to become a big influence in his own right. Today in Fortune magazine, Adam Lashinsky wrote a special piece about Tim Cook and what he offers to the company.

So what makes Cook a positive force? Many of his employees and several casual observers have noted that unlike a lot of CEOs, Cook actually takes the time to listen to his employees and speak with them. He doesn’t think he’s above everyone else and he reflects that when he’s communicating with others.

He’s also not afraid to handle sticky situations that could destroy his company’s image. Earlier this year when there were reports that employees who worked inside the Foxconn factories in China were mistreated, Cook took the intiative to see what was going on by visiting one of the factories that manufactures the iPhone. They also signed up with the Fair Labor Trade Association to ensure that their factories meet the standards of fair labor practices. The FLA also conducted their own independent tour.

It’s good to know that Tim Cook is taking care of the company. As a CEO, he’s a representative of the company and so far he’s proved on many ocassions that he’s the right chief executive for the company.  I predict that he’ll take this company far and perhaps become a legend in his own right.

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