Camera+ Now Supports iPhone 7 Plus Dual Lens

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Camera+, one of the most popular iPhone camera apps out there, has received a major update. The Camera+9 now supports the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera system, the P3 wide color gamut, and delivers the ability to capture and edit RAW images. The latest version of Camera+ allows users to select whether they want to shoot with the wide-angle or telephoto lens.

You can choose which iPhone 7 Plus lens you want to use

The iPhone 7 Plus dual lens support works via a toggle. You can choose which lens you want to shoot with. If you are not sure, you can put it in the Duo mode to get a combination of the two. In contrast, Apple’s default camera app sometimes chooses to use the wide-angle lens instead of the telephoto one, even when you switch from 1x to 2x zoom.

In low-light conditions, the iPhone 7 Plus prefers to stick with the wide-angle lens because of its wider aperture. It then crops the photo to mimic 2x zoom. With the updated Camera+, photography enthusiasts can choose which lens is used. The latest version also brings improved haptic feedback on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The makers of Camera+ said haptic feedback was one of the most “under-appreciated” features of the latest iPhones.

Other new features include RAW shooting and RAW editing. It works on the iPhone 6S and later, including the iPhone SE. You can turn it on through the Quality & Format menu to take the highest quality images, though they are larger in size and slower to capture. RAW shooting preserves the original details of a photo, offering a higher image quality compared to JPEG.

Edit RAW images right in the Camera+ app

Apple introduced RAW support with the iOS 10. Camera+ developers have also added RAW editing to the latest version. Now you can make adjustments to photos taken in RAW right in the app through the RAW Lab. The normal editing tools within Camera+ let you apply filters from The Lab. But RAW Lab allows users to “re-develop” photos. It features exposure and contrast controls, advanced noise reduction options, and a curves tool. Camera+ costs $2.99.

Apple has been highlighting the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual-camera system in its holiday ads. In a recent ad titled Romeo and Juliet, the company emphasized that the iPhone 7 Plus camera was as good as a movie camera. The Cupertino company has also shared tips from professional photographers to help its users take better images in the Portrait mode.

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