Leftist Activist Group “Celebrates” End Of Trump business advisory Councils

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I did not vote for Barack Obama in either 08 or 012 but I was rooting for him to succeed. I also did not vote for Donald Trump but I am rooting for him to succeed. Sadly, this attitude seems to be collapsing as authoritarianism takes hold on the left and right. Whoever seizes power fully will be able to implement their agenda. I have my preference here come down to far left or far right, but that is off topic. Anyway, this group is “celebrating” the collapse of Trump’s business advisory councils. Patriots indeed…… Welcome to Spain of the 1930s… Is Trump the Primo De Rivera (either one) of today?

More on the end of Trump’s business advisory councils from “SumofUs” an alt left group.

UPDATE make that two groups cheering this


SumOfUs: ‘Collapse Of Trump’s Business, Manufacturing Councils Shows That Corporate America is Less Willing to Give Cover to His Insidious, Racist Agenda’

Says Corporations Must Pick a Side: ‘Do They Stand wIth Trump and White Supremacists or Do They Stand With Us?’

Earlier today, President Trump’s business and manufacturing councils collapsed, after a number of CEOs on the roundtables announced that they would no longer be participating over Trump’s failure to repudiate white supremacist violence in Charlottesville this weekend.

More than 370,000 members of SumOfUs, a global consumer advocacy organization, had called on business leaders to cut ties with the administration since Trump’s inauguration.

In reaction to the news, SumOfUs Campaign Manager Nicole Carty, issued the following statement:

“Trump’s tweet announcing that he is ending his business advisory councils is a huge victory that belongs to the people. We are pleased to see America’s top executives heed the call of over 370,000 SumOfUs members by ending their unholy alliance with a disgraceful President who gives cover to white supremacists and neo-nazis. It is long past time that CEOs reject his dangerous, racist agenda.  Although the CEOs should have never been on Trump’s councils to begin with, they finally took a stand by refusing to continue advising Trump—for that, we applaud them.

“Now corporations must pick whose side they’re on. Do they stand with white supremacists or with us? More and more we are seeing America’s business leaders recognize that President Trump’s brand of bigotry is bad for business and for America.

“While today’s victory is nothing short of monumental, this is not the last time that companies will be forced to make these types of decisions. We have one message to any members of the business community who partner with Trump: Your complicity is noted.”

Press release #2 this one from “Colors Of Change” on business advisory councils

In a major victory for Color Of Change, Donald Trump announced today that he was disbanding his business advisory councils, following a slew of CEOs resigning due to activist pressure. Since January, Color Of Change has led the call for executives to #QuitTheCouncil, demanding that business leaders including Elon Musk of Tesla, Bob Iger of Disney, and Indra Nooyi of Pepsi stop enabling this administration’s support of hatred and bigotry.

“One by one, America’s business leaders have abandoned Donald Trump. But that’s not out of any altruism: it’s because they know the American people—especially communities of color—will hold them accountable for enabling a supporter of violent hate and white supremacy,” said Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color Of Change. “Trump killed these councils as a move of desperation. The self-proclaimed ‘dealmaker’ has been dealt a humiliating blow today, and that is thanks to all those who have stood up and denounced this hate-mongering administration.”

Color of Change, along with Muslim Advocates, first convened a coalition of activist groups in January to demand that executives step down from Trump’s business council in protest of the Muslim ban. Following a major pressure campaign, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down from a Trump council in February, followed Iger and Musk in the wake of Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate agreement.

Following Trump’s white supremacist-praised response to Charlottesville, Color Of Change renewed pressure on executives including Nooyi and Inge Thulin of 3M to resign their council memberships. In the past few days the CEOs of Intel, Under Armour, Merck, and others have left Trump councils due to mounting pressure from Color Of Change and allied groups.

All along the way, Color Of Change has been leading the call for CEOs to #QuitTheCouncil.


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