Blackrock Announces $3.14 Quarterly Earnings

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Blackrock Announces $3.14 Quarterly Earnings

Blackrock Inc. (NYSE:BLK) Announced its results for the first quarter of 2012 this morning before the markets opened. The company revealed that in the period it had made $2.24 billion in revenue, giving in an earnings per share of $3.14. Analysts had expected the company to announce earnings of $2.99 per share on revenues of 2.21 billion. In the same quarter of 2011 the company reported earnings of $2.96 per share. The news will continue the confidence felt in the world’s largest asset manager but still leaves room for doubt. The better than expected result does reveal a solid future at the company however.

The drop in revenue year on year is disappointing and though it is not as drastic as the 16% loss suffered by Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) it is still a drop. Investment has become a much tougher world this year as investors are willing to pay less in fees than before and are having an easier time deciding to pull their money out of funds. Companies using the firm for services are also feeling the pinch and forgoing some that are not seen as essential. As revenues fall companies in the area have to cut costs though there is only so much a company can do in that area when dealing with declining revenue. Blackrock has been one of the more ambitious companies in the sector trying an interesting strategy to augment its business.

Laurence D. Fink the firm’s CEO recently came out in public and declared that from now on Blackrock Inc (NYSE:BLK) would not just use its influence to make the best investments. From then, he said, the company would attempt to change public perception and the direction of the market using his firm’s considerable influence. Since then the company has implemented a plan to do around investments banks in bond trading allowing its customers to save on fees when dealing with the investment. If thee company continues such moves it can be expected that they will be one of the first to rebound from the lull in financials.

Blacrock’s shares finished up 1.83% yesterday at 201.81.

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