BlackBerry, Tata Power Partnering For ‘Spy-Proof’ Phone

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BlackBerry has long been known for its expertise in security, both in terms of its OS and the devices it produced. For more than a decade, many governments and quite a few larger businesses required employees to use BlackBerry devices, and maintaining its reputation, BlackBerry is set to launch its new highly-secure, Android-based Priv smartphone in the next few weeks.

Related to this, Secusmart, a division of Blackberry based in Germany, signed a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday with the strategic engineering division (SED) of Tata Power to develop and manufacture a new line of highly secure smartphones. The devices will apparently be designed for government customers.

More on new BlackBerry – Tata Power partnership

The partnership between BlackBerry and Tata Power relates to the design, development and marketing of a new secured mobile communications system focused on the needs of government customers in India.

Secusmart, snapped up by Blackberry in 2014, has developed advanced proprietary technology that can block efforts to eavesdrop on private conversations. Of note, the new partnership deal between the firms was signed in the run up to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s upcoming trip to India.

Statement from Tata Power CEO and

“In the era of increasing incidents of espionage in State establishments and corporates with cyber security breaches and data theft, the envisaged association with BlackBerry will increase opportunities to accelerate innovation for high-end secure communication solutions,” Tata Power SED CEO Rahul Chaudhry commented in a statement on the new partnership.

He continued to note: “The proposed collaboration is aimed at leveraging Tata Power SED’s expertise in security, software and hardware design and manufacturing and Secusmart’s expertise in software and security to provide a highly capable and secure communication solution meeting stringent government requirements.”

Secusmart CEO, Dr Hans-Christoph Quelle said: “I am proud of our continued success in delivering world-class security solutions, and am delighted that our cooperation with Tata Power SED will play such a crucial role in securing mobile communications for the Indian market.”

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