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BlackBerry Rolls Out March Security Patch For Priv

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BlackBerry has been committed to the Priv users in issuing monthly security updates. Following on this commitment, the Canadian company released the latest Priv security update, which is now available on unlocked devices. Canadian carriers are expected to release it at some future date.

Making Priv more secure

BlackBerry noted that the Priv will become even more secure and productive once the update is installed, but it chose not to go into specifics enhancements. The update file is 17MB, and for downloading it, users will need to go to Settings, about Device, Software Update and then Update now.

Even though BlackBerry has gone for Android, it is somewhat clear that it does not pay much importance to its place in the smartphone market now. But this does not mean that the company is thinking about pulling out of the segment completely. BlackBerry’s management understands that the company is not the handset legend it used to be.

Keeping this in mind, the Canadian smartphone maker has undertaken significant measures to turn itself into a different sort of juggernaut. BlackBerry has chosen to stick to its core values, and at the same time is not keeping all its eggs in one basket. The company is making a strong venture into the mobile software and security segment.

BlackBerry – not just a smartphone maker

BlackBerry is not just a smartphone maker, but way more than that no matter how public perceives it. In fact, the company has a longstanding and amazingly reputable foothold in the space of secure mobile communications and software. The hardware component of the company has fallen drastically in recent years, but the company has tried hard to strengthen this part of its business.

To improve its security business, it has made some relevant acquisitions. For example, last year it purchased AdHoc, which is a crisis management firm. Later it went ahead to adopt Good Technology, which is a leading firm in the secure mobile communications segment.

Most recent acquisition is that of Encription, a U.K. based security consultancy. BlackBerry seeks to use it for jumpstarting consultancy business of its own – called Professional Cybersecurity Services. BlackBerry’s expertise in security field will get a big boost with the help of these acquisitions, and at the same time, these will exponentially raise the client base of the firm.

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