BlackBerry Passport Praised By Users Around The World

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The BlackBerry Passport, since its release last year, has attracted praise from both consumers and the media all around the world. Moreover, ZDNet recently included the Passport in its list of the top ten smartphones. Known for its exquisite design and remarkable features such as BlackBerry Blend, BlackBerry Hub, touch-sensitive keyboard, etc., the phone has received excellent reviews from users on Amazon, Carphone Warehouse and Flipkart, says a blog post from BlackBerry.

Passport gets a 5-star rating

The BlackBerry Passport was first launched on the company’s online store, ShopBlackBerry, and was aimed at facilitating productivity. Globally, consumers posted their reviews on the websites of the company’s carrier partners in different regions, including AT&T in the U.S., Rogers in Canada, Orange in France and Vodafone in Germany.

Based on the 113 reviews on AT&T, U.S. customers have given the BlackBerry Passport an average rating of 5/5, which surpassed the iPhone 6’s average rating of 4.5 in the country, says the blog post. Crispin_Gatieza, an AT&T customer, claimed that the BlackBerry Passport offers quality hardware, robust communication features and a distinct three-row design keyboard. Another customer, “ksilvers,” pronounced the Passport to be the “best device ever.”

Further, Rogers customers in Canada have granted the phone a 5-star rating, with one of the customers, “JoJo,” claiming that the Passport has a long battery life and a durable design. Moreover, another user, “SG14” suggested that the BlackBerry Passport is better than any other phone in the market and has recommended it over the iPhone 6 Plus.

Orange users in France and Vodafone subscribers in Germany have also rated the Passport as a 5-star phone. A verified German customer, Peter argues that BlackBerry’s OS is “superior” to Apple’s iOS, which he further claimed to be a “toy for toddlers.” An Orange customer has asserted that the Passport exemplifies a “true innovation.”

BlackBerry Leap now in UAE

As part of its global efforts, the Canadian smartphone marker recently launched the BlackBerry Leap in the UAE. The device features a 5-inch touchscreen, a virtual keyboard and great battery life. Available in shadow grey and white, the Leap is expected to cost around Dh1,099. The BlackBerry Leap is the Canadian company’s first big release in 2015. The Canadian firm launched the Passport in September last year, and in December 2014, it released the Classic.

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