BlackBerry Passport Bendgate Issue. You Didn’t Know Of [REPORT]

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BlackBerry Passport, which is selling relatively well, was recently discovered with a flaw of screen coming off, reported Softpedia. Not much has been talked of the issue, but according to the report, the screen issue was seen in all the three Passports that were tested, one being the gold edition.

What is causing the issue?

BlackBerry Passport, which has been in the news for its unusual form factor, is doing quite well with loyalists flocking to buy the device. According to Softpedia, there is no clear reason in sight for the screen coming out at the bottom-right corner, but says the issues is not a major one with device working perfectly.

BlackBerry Passport is an awesome device with a quality camera, and a massive battery that runs for two days if used heavily. The Passport gets heated only if a user is accessing an app that requires high battery power. A web search reveals, users citing heat generated by the CPU as the primary reason for screen lifting, says the report.

The explanation makes sense to some extent as the heat is directed to the metal frame of the phone, which keeps the screen intact. When the heat comes in contact with the frame, the glue that holds the screen to the frame comes off. Therefore, with more usage of demanding app, there will be a bigger risk for screen coming off. But this according to the report is not the real issue, saying the real issue for screen detaching is the bendgate, similar to the iPhone 6.

Display shifts when BlackBerry Passport bents like the iPhone 6, says the report. If overheating is any reason behind the issue, it is still to be figured out, but bending looks like more believable reason out of the two.

How to fix your BlackBerry Passport?

According to the report, only a slight mishandling will lead to the screen coming off, adding it’s not necessary the issue will occur when the pressure is applied, and it can happen anytime in the future.

The issue can either be resolved by the BlackBerry guys or can be fixed by the user. However, getting it done from the BlackBerry center is a better option. The users should go for the new BlackBerry Passport because in the old unit, the screen will be fixed with the help of same glue or a double-sided band which will come off again after a while, says the report.

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