BlackBerry Ltd To Release Much-Awaited OS 10.3.1 On Feb. 19

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The much-awaited 10.3.1 OS version from BlackBerry could be just days away, as the Canadian company has reportedly fixed the bug that was causing the delay

BlackBerry could soon launch OS 10.3.1 for its devices, a much-awaited update for users who do not have a Passport or Classic. The update has been delayed many times, and most recently it was known that the company pushed back the update until 2015.

Probable bug delaying the launch now fixed

There were rumors that the Canadian smartphone maker would release the update in January, but the company clarified that customers should expect the update in February.

However, now a report from N4BB says BlackBerry is expected to announce the global roll-out of OS 10.3.1 to all current in-market BB10 devices on Feb. 19. According to the report, the new update was supposed “to have happened yesterday. However, BlackBerry had issues with the update accidentally wiping the entire device.” The company has now fixed the flaw, and the launch can be expected on Fab. 19, says the report.

With the upgrade, there will be new features added along with an upgraded virtual assistant with Siri-like capabilities.

Will BlackBerry Canada users get the update first?

Not all carriers will start offering the update on the same day because some network providers take a lot of time and effort for QA testing compared to others.

Trends suggest Canadian users will be among the first ones to get the BlackBerry update as the carriers in Canada are well-versed with QA procedures dating back to the early 2000s. Customers who purchased unbranded BB10 devices directly from ShopBlackBerry or Amazon will probably receive the update first.

Also a couple of weeks ago, OS version was available to some Classic owners on Canada’s Rogers network. Whether or not it was intentional or a technical glitch is not known.

Blackberry CEO John Chen said in December on the occasion of the launch of the Classic that all current Blackberry 10 devices, such as the Z10, Q10. Q5, Z30 and Passport will get the update in February. It’s not yet decided if the devices will receive the same features upgrade, but since there is hardly any hardware difference between the devices, it suggests the software will just be optimized for various screen sizes and resolutions.

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