Bitcoin Or Gold? Crypto Is The Fastest Growing Asset With Bitcoin Set To Hit $5T Market Cap By 2024

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The study by Forex Suggest looked at the average market capitalisation growth of gold, silver, the top global companies alongside the biggest cryptocurrencies to reveal what’s on track to be the best investments in years to come.

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The Top 10 Investments In 2024 According To Projections

These are projections of what the market cap of assets could look like by 2024 when analysing average annual growth rates from 2018 to 2021 thus far.

Rank Asset Asset Class 4 Year Average

Annual Growth Rate%

Projected Jan. 2022 Projected Jan. 2023 Projected Jan. 2024
1 ASML Company 373.68% $ 1.1T $ 5.0T $ 23.7T
2 Gold Commodity 8.27% $ 12.8T $ 13.9T $ 15.0T
3 Tesla Company 115.01% $ 1.6T $ 3.5T $7.6T
4 Apple Company 34.97% $ 3.2T $ 4.2T $ 5.9T
5 Bitcoin Crypto 103.50% $ 1.3T $ 2.6T $ 5.2T
6 Ethereum Crypto 198.19% $ 456.8B $ 1.4T $ 4.1T
7 Microsoft Company 32.00% $ 2.3T $ 3.1T $ 4.0T
8 Amazon Company 26.35% $ 2.1T $ 2.6T $ 3.3T
9 Toyota Company 138.28% $ 466.2B $ 1.1T $ 2.6T
10 Dai Crypto 1040.38% $ 18.9B $ 215.1B $ 2.5T

This only includes assets with data stretching back to 2018 for sufficient analysis

  • By 2024, three cryptocurrencies are on track to break into the top 10 best performing assets.
  • Bitcoin is projected to be the 5th strongest performing asset by 2024 with an estimated market value of over $5 trillion thanks to its 103.5% average annual growth rate. It would surpass long-standing giants including Microsoft, Amazon and Google by over $1 trillion. Bitcoin is currently dipping in and out of the top 10 highest value assets, but in just a few short years it could solidify its place.
  • Ethereum sits just behind with an even higher average annual growth rate of 198%, set to be the 6th strongest asset in 2024. With a projected $5.1 trillion valuation, it would equally outperform the current top dogs like Facebook and silver, and the recent NFT boom can only strengthen its growth.
  • The coin with the third highest projected market cap is Dai, which could have a total value of $2.5 trillion. Because of its non-volatile nature, this stablecoin has grown at an astonishing rate - 1040.38% on average every year since 2018. But, it is pegged 1:1 with the US dollar so it is not necessarily seen as an investment choice.

Solana Was The Fastest Growing Investment Of 2021 - Up 3476%

Rank Asset Asset Class Market Cap


Market Cap 29/09/21 Growth

Jan 2021 - Sept 2021

1 Solana Crypto $ 1.2B $ 41.2B 3476%
2 Polygon Crypto $ 187.9M $ 5.6B 2859%
3 Terra Crypto $ 695.3M $ 14.3B 1956%
4 Avalanche Crypto $ 996.5M $ 14.5B 1357%
5 ASML Company $ 223.4B $ 3.1T 1292%
6 Algorand Crypto $ 810.0M $ 9.7B 1093%
7 Binance Coin Crypto $ 6.8B $ 63.5B 827%
8 Binance USD Crypto $ 1.5B $ 13.4B 801%
9 Ethereum Classic Crypto $ 868.1M $ 6.1B 600%
10 Dogecoin Crypto $ 4.0B $ 26.6B 563%

Apart from ASML, the top 10 fastest growing assets this year have all been cryptocurrencies:

  • Solana has been the strongest performing investment option of 2021 so far, with its market cap growing by 3,476% since January to over $41 billion by the end of September. Many investors are optimistic about Solana thanks to the incredible speed and efficiency of its blockchain technology.
  • The second biggest winner of 2021 is Polygon, with the market cap increasing by 2,859% this year, bringing the total value to just over $5.6 billion. Polygon is a platform for development and scaling on the Ethereum blockchain, and can therefore benefit from increased interest in Ethereum, and vice-versa.
  • In third place is the cryptocurrency Terra, which has seen its market cap grow by 1,956% in 2021. Terra uses stable coins, pegged to fiat currencies, to carry out cross-border payments efficiently and with low fees.