Best Time Management Apps That Will Help You Work Smarter & Get More Done

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Why does it happen sometimes that there is never enough time in a day to get work done? The answer to this problem is “bad time management.”

Proper time management at work involves the correct tools, time management tips and the mindset with which you are implementing them to organize your daily work for better time management. It enables you to better work on your priorities, accomplish the deadlines, maximize your productivity & work quality, ultimately great job satisfaction.

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Time management apps are the perfect way through which you can better track your own and your employees' activity. You can better set the deadlines, set urgent work, manage workloads & ultimately lower the burnout, stress & better plan the organizational achievable goals.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best time-management apps to find the one that fits your style of working.

Top Time Management Apps To Consider

  1. Toggl Track: Simple And Basic Time Tracking Software

Toggl Track is one of the most popular time management apps, with a simple, user-friendly layout. Its free tier has all the core functionalities and allows up to five users. The app works flawlessly on all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Web, and others. Along with time tracking benefits, one can also get insights, time tracking audits, reports to download, and other features by upgrading their plan.

Key features and benefits

  1. Easier and more accurate time tracking with multiple in-built time management features.
  2. Get actionable insights from your data & get a full summary along with detailed or weekly reports.
  3. Ideal for freelance writers , solopreneurs, and small teams of up to five people.

How to use it for time management?

  1. Tracks your time even when you are offline and syncs when you reconnect to the internet.
  2. Track time spent on projects manually, automatically, and in total.
  3. Use a calendar view to easily see working hours on various projects.
  4. Send out email reminders to team members who haven't met their goal number of hours.
  5. Visual project roadmaps and timetables can be easily created using drag-and-drop work timelines.


Starting paid plan from $10/user/month

  1. Clockify: A Full-Featured Time Management App

Clockify is a cloud-based time tracking app that comes with a free time tracking feature for unlimited users. You can also have access to many other beneficial attributes at very reasonable prices, such as tracking expenses, billable times, payroll, invoicing, accounting, and sharing project progress with clients.

Key features and benefits

  1. Time tracking and attendance app that allows you to track work hours across projects.
  2. Using the in-built expense and invoicing tools, record project expenses, calculate fixed fees, and issue invoices.
  3. Excellent for small and medium-sized businesses looking for time tracking apps that do it all.

How to use it for time management?

  1. Track time manually or automatically, and start and stop timers while working on various projects on any device.
  2. Allow supervisors to monitor fieldwork, your last location, visited sites, and what you worked on by enabling GPS tracking.
  3. Allow your employees to clock in and out using a shared device to take attendance and track time.
  4. Use the "time off" feature to track absences and determine the overall productivity of your team.
  5. By using certain filters on visually appealing dashboards, you can easily view the time spent by hybrid employees.


Starting paid plan from $3.99/user/month

  1. ProofHub: All-In-One Project Management & Team Collaboration Software

ProofHub is an all-in-one solution to manage your entire business' day-to-day activities from a single location. ProofHub handles everything from task management and real-time collaboration to time management to work smarter. With ProofHub, keep your team on track, establish goals and deadlines, and easily get vital reports on time spent, time logged in, and billables.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Bring all teams together on a single, centralized platform to manage numerous projects, monitor their progress, and uphold transparency.
  2. Effective team collaboration and communication via instant messaging and discussion threads from the same app
  3. Manage your workload, create tasks and subtasks, label them as important or not, and assign multiple members to a single task with ProofHub’s task management tool.

How to use it for time management?

  1. Using time entries, accurately track the time spent on projects and tasks.
  2. Set time estimates for tasks and use time entries to track and save the actual time spent.
  3. Create timesheets and export them to CSV files to efficiently track project time.
  4. Gain visibility into time logged by individuals for specific projects or timesheets and use it for invoicing, payroll, and client information.
  5. Use private timesheets to show the reports only to specific people as needed.


Starting paid plan from $45/month billed annually (flat pricing with no per user fee)

  1. Timely: A Completely Automatic Time Tracking App

With an easy-to-use user interface, Timely helps you keep track of time spent in every desktop and web app automatically. Get an exact record of your daily work, including the time spent on emails, websites, documents, and other tasks.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Efficient and automatic tracking and recording of all your activities, regardless of what app you are using
  2. Can track time across a Macbook, iPhone, and iPad wherever and whenever.
  3. Completely private, with no intrusive features such as random screenshots.

How to use it for time management?

  1. Easily examine what you were working on and log it using the memory tracker for time tracking.
  2. Automatically capture work activities in the background with no disruption to manual time monitoring.
  3. See reports and unbilled hours quickly for the entire workspace.
  4. Team time management provides a thorough and in-depth picture of all of your team's productivity, and time.
  5. Schedule tasks with ease by automatically recording employees' time spent in various work apps and creating accurate timesheets for them.


Starting paid plan from $9/ user/month/billed annually

  1. RescueTime: An Automated Time Management App

RescueTime is a productivity reporting application that allows you to track how much time you spend on various apps and websites. This is for the person who wants to measure their working hours for the purpose of learning more about their working habits and optimizing their productivity.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Provides detailed reports with amazing graphs to visualize productive and unproductive tasks.
  2. Offline time tracking with automatic time tracking and no manual handling.
  3. Integrated with Google calendar, Slack, Evernote, & available in Android, Windows, iOS, Web & Mac.

How to use it for time management?

  1. A complete automated system that tracks personal productivity, activity, daily highlights, and goals.
  2. It tracks every movement that employees execute on their devices; it starts when you open your device and stops when you shut it down.
  3. Employees can track their work hours as per their needs; they can set the time manually, and RescueTime only counts that time.
  4. This time management app also rates your activities (very productive, productive, neutral, distracting, very distracting) using 5 different colors.
  5. Designed to hold full focus while working by blocking distracting websites.


Visit the website, sign up for a free version, or contact the team for pricing.

Final Thoughts

The list above included some of the best time tracking softwares and time management apps for better project management, better time management, and increased team productivity.

Select one that suits your needs best and test it to see if it works for you by downloading a free trial of the software. Let's get started on increasing your productivity right away!

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