Best iPhone 7 Screen Protectors Guide

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How are you protecting that gorgeous display on your new iPhone? Do you have AppleCare or AppleCare+, or do you intend to leave it to random chance? If the latter is your chosen path, you could be in for some pain in the near future. However, have you considered any iPhone 7 screen protectors? There are many available, and they’re cheaper than AppleCare and less expensive than a scratched display.

iPhone 7 screen protectors guide

Fortunately, you don’t have to shell out massive amounts of money to get a decent level of protection for your handset’s display. iPhone 7 screen protectors are a sheet of material commonly made from glass or polyurethane which attach to your iPhone’s screen. They give a low-cost level of protection from scratches and other possible damage to the iPhone 7 display.

So now that you know that iPhone 7 screen protectors exist, here is a list of some that we have found on Amazon. However, these are not just any old screen protectors; they are the best that are currently available. And they won’t just protect your display; they will also allow its brightness and improved color accuracy to remain visible.

spigen iphone 7 screen protectors

Spigen 2x iPhone 7 screen protectors

This first iPhone screen protector is from well-known manufacturer Spigen. Made from tempered glass with a rating of 9H, it will protect your handset’s screen and feel like the original. Thanks to the inclusion of Oleophobic technology, your screen will also be free of fingerprints and any other oily residue.

Within the Spigen kit, you’ll get two iPhone 7 screen protectors and a microfiber cloth, wet/dry cleaner, dust remover, and instructions. This kit is available to purchase for $7.99 and was recently reduced from $29.99.

pleson iphone 7 screen protector

PLESON screen protectors

When buying a screen protector for your handset, you should be aware that not all will support 3D Touch. So look to see if this is mentioned in the product information.

Fortunately, PLESON has produced a range of iPhone 7 screen protectors which it claims support 3D Touch and also protect the value of your handset. Furthermore, like the Spigen screen protector above, there’s Oleophobic technology, plus a shatter-free film and bubble-free adhesive, meaning, you won’t have to try multiple times to apply the screen protector.

Right now this sx PLESON iPhone 7 screen protector kit is available for $7.95.

yootech iphone 7 screen protectors

Yootech screen protectors

Manufactured by Yootech and compatible with the iPhone 7, 6s and 6, this twin pack offers something not seen until now… A lifetime warranty: The company makes a bold statement suggesting that it will replace the product, “No matter how long you’ve used it.”

The screen protector offers a protection rating of 9H and is made from tempered glass with 95% transparency and is shatterproof. This Yootech iPhone 7 screen protector pack is a great choice if you want a protected, but highly responsive display.

If the idea of a lifetime warranty with a screen protector interests you, the Yootech is available for $7.95.

intelliglass pro iphone 7 screen protector

intelliGLASS PRO screen protector

So far on this list, we’ve looked at iPhone 7 screen protectors which only cover the screen. However, with its latest products, intelliGlass has delivered end-to-end protection.

Made from a specially created layer of advanced glass, these screen protectors offer 9H+ protection and come with bubble-free adhesive for one-time application. There’s also protection from scratches, smudges and fingerprints, meaning that the intelliGLASS PRO offers comprehensive protection at an affordable price.

At this moment, it is available for $12.95.

g color 3d iphone 7 screen protectors

G-Color full coverage screen protector

With the G-Color 3D, you get full coverage, which means that it gives you full protection for each edge of the iPhone 7.

Made from tempered glass, this protector offers Anti-blast impact resistance which can absorb external forces, shocking, dropping and hitting. It is also the clearest at almost 100% clarity, which is great for the much brighter iPhone 7 display.

The G-Color 3D screen protector pack is available for $19.99.

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