Best Apple Watch Series 4 Bands And Cases: Check Them Out

Best Apple Watch Series 4 Bands And Cases: Check Them Out
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The Apple Watch Series 4 is what the original Apple Watch should have been. It is jam-packed with exciting new features such as a bigger screen, a louder speaker, LTE support, a faster processor, and an ECG sensor. It is the first Apple Watch worth buying. If you have pre-ordered the Apple Watch Series 4 or plan to pick one like most people, you might be wondering what cases and bands you should purchase to enhance the protection and style game of your device. Here we look at some of the best Apple Watch Series 4 bands and cases. Check them out:

Best Apple Watch Series 4 bands

The new Watch models are bigger than their predecessors. They are available in 40mm and 44mm screen sizes. But the new bands you are planning to buy or the old ones you already have will be compatible with the Series 4 and previous generations. It means if you have older Apple Watch bands, they should fit perfectly with the Series 4.

MIFA Leather Band

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MIFA Apple Watch Series 4 Bands
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MIFA’s leather band for the Series 4 comes with anodized black stainless steel claps. It is made of 3mm thick genuine soft leather. These Apple Watch Series 4 bands are available in black, brown, and oyster colors. You can get it on Amazon for just $25.

Wearlizer metal band

Wearlizer Bands
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This is one of the most beautifully designed Apple Watch Series 4 bands out there. Built using premium stainless steel and high-end resin, it is all about luxury and elegance. The Wearlizer band also gets an adapter in the band, making it much easier to replace the band. It is available in a wide variety of colors including Black+Dark Blue, Dark Rose Gold+Pink, Champagne Gold, Silver+White, Gold+Tortoise, and Rose Gold+ Pink. You can get it on Amazon for $30.

Ouledi Milanese Loop Mesh Band

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This one costs just $9 on Amazon, and it’s good value for money. The Ouledi band is made out of stainless steel with a strong magnetic closure clasp. The magnet can adjust the length to the wrist size. It’s available in a variety of colors such as gold, rose gold, black, silver, and space gray.

YC Yanch Greatou bands

YC Yanch
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These Apple Watch Series 4 bands look nearly identical to the Nike+ bands that Apple sells on its website. But the YC Yanch bands costs as low as $7 on Amazon. It is built using high-quality silicone material with soft and smooth finish. The metal parts of the band are made of hypoallergenic nickel-free stainless steel. The bands also have air holes to make it breathable and comfortable.

Simpeak stainless steel link bracelet band

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The Simpeak bands look amazing and a bit heavy. You can easily adjust the length of the band to fit your wrist. The stainless steel band is colored by vacuum plating, making it resistant to wear and corrosion. It comes in silver and black colors, and costs $22 on Amazon.

Best cases for your Apple Watch Series 4

While the Apple Watch Series 4 bands enhance the style game, the cases will help you protect your device’s  metal from getting scratched or its screen from getting damaged. Here are some of the best cases for your Apple Watch Series 4:

Supcase rugged protective case with strap bands

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As its name suggests, it’s a rugged protective case with a scratch-resistant band. It has a raised bezel to protect your Apple Watch from accidental damages. You’ll still be able to access all the features of your wearable device. It costs $18 on Amazon and comes in black, blue, red, and gold colors.

Clayco Hera series bumper case

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This is similar to the Supcase cases and offers similar protection, but it’s for people who don’t want a rugged design. It’s a combination of a protective case and a silicone band. The Clayco shock-resistant case is made out of a polycarbonate bumper and scratch-resistant PUR. You can get it for $16 on Amazon.

Bovon screen protector

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If you want a protective case for your Apple Watch without the band, this one is a great choice. It’s a clear TPU case that protects not only the screen but also the metal edges of your device. You can easily access all the buttons, controls, and sensors. It doesn’t add much weight to the Watch. Get it for just $9 on Amazon.

Yushuang protective case

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Priced at $13, the Yushuang protective case is shock-proof and shatter-resistant. Though it is rugged, it’s designed not to interfere with any buttons or sensors.

Which Apple Watch Series 4 bands and cases you own or want to purchase? Let us know in the comments below.

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