Is Ben Affleck The Right Pick For Batman In Superman Sequel?

Is Ben Affleck The Right Pick For Batman In Superman Sequel?

Ben Affleck has been appointed as the new Batman! It wouldn’t give you heart stroke. But most Batman fans are disappointed, and they have taken to social media to express their wrath and disappointment. Today, Warner Bros. said in a press release that Ben Affleck will star as Batman in the next Superman movie Man of Steel sequel. Though Affleck has earned two Oscar awards, he doesn’t have a good track record as a superhero. Affleck last appeared in this genre in 2003 in the big-budget disaster Daredevil.

Is Ben Affleck The Right Pick For Batman In Superman Sequel?

Ben Affleck in Man of Steel sequel

The Oscar-winning actor-director will be seen along with Henry Cavill in the movie scheduled to release on July 17, 2015. Man of Steel director Zack Snyder will once again take the helm. He will co-write the script with David Goyer. For the first time, Superman and Batman will appear together on the big screen. But Batman fans find it hard to imagine Affleck as Batman. Christian Bale played Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy of Christopher Nolan.

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Warner Bros. is well aware of the audience sentiment. So, what made it pick Affleck among all actors to play Batman? It’s really odd to recast a superhero who is loved by people and has generated over a billion dollars to producers. Can you imagine someone replacing Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man series?

However, as Kirsten Acura of Business Insider points out, it’s more about business circumstances than anything else for Warner Bros. Among the biggest money spinners for Warner Bros, two are Ben Affleck and Legendary Pictures. In collaboration with Legendary pictures, Warner Bros. has delivered blockbusters like Inception, Batman trilogy and many other films. Many of them were with Christopher Nolan. Meanwhile, Affleck has given Argo and The Town with Warner Bros. However, Warner Bros. lost Legendary Pictures to Universal Pictures a couple of months ago.

Ben Affleck a safe bet?

Acura says that after the break-up with Legendary Pictures, it is highly unlikely that Christopher Nolan will take charge of the “Justice League” films. Now Zack Snyder and David Goyer will carry the responsibility. Moreover, Legendary Pictures decided to give up the Man of Steel sequel to continue with “Interstellar” and Christopher Nolan. And the situation worsened after Christian Bale said that he would return as Batman only if Christopher Nolan asked him.

Now Warner Bros. didn’t have much choice. Itt wanted someone who has a good track record and working relationship with the company. That guy is Ben Affleck. That’s why the production house played safe by going ahead with Affleck rather than taking a risk with some other actor.

Ben Affleck may or may not be the perfect fit to play Batman, according to fans. But he seemed to be the right choice for Warner Bros.

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