BAD Accounting, Worse Disclosure, And Caught In A Big BAD Lie

BAD Accounting, Worse Disclosure, And Caught In A Big BAD Lie

Key takeaways from Geoff Morgan’s  Financial Post piece:

  1. Badger took 1.5 months to call a reporter back and then lied to him.
  2. BAD still has not answered the questions—even very simply, why are there 2 different sets of 2015 numbers? Which should we believe?
  3. BAD had “private meetings with shareholders,” the very definition of intentional selective disclosure, yet claims publically answering questions would “inadvertently have selective disclosure.”
  4. Disclosure has gotten worse, not better.
  5. The AUDITED NUMBERS cannot be relied upon.

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Why is Badger claiming they are unaware of their own financial statements?

“Badger said they weren’t aware of discrepancies between 2015 and 2016 reports on items like cash flow from operating activities”

We made you aware 1.5 months ago.

Now answer the questions already.

No longer disclosing maintenance capex methodology is an example of worse disclosure, not better.

BAD Accounting

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