AT&T’s CEO Blames Google For Slow Android Updates

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It is a question that has been asked by many Android smartphone and tablet users: why does it take them so long to release software updates?  AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T)‘s chief executive Officer (CEO) Randall Stephenson thinks Google is fully to blame on this one.

In a recent conference, Stephenson claimed that since Google Inc ((NASDAQ:GOOG) decides what platforms get updates and when they do. He also said that his company works hard to negotiate deals on behalf of their customers. He then closed his rant by saying that the answer is ambiguous and he cannot give a direct answer in the setting.

Naturally, Google does not agree with his statement. A spokesperson for the company recently told 9to5 Google that they’re not sure what he is referring to and that “Google does not have any agreements in place that require a negotiation before a handset launches.”  They also further state that the company has always provided the most updated release of Android as open-source as soon as the first device was launched, that way they know which software runs error free on their hardware that was accepted by regulators and manufacturers.

It sounds like AT&T doesn’t want to take responsibility for late software updates from their side.  I would imagine that it would take both parties (software makers and carriers) to work together to make the updates happen but it’s always easier to blame another party than it is to take some of the heat.

Brian Barrett from Gizmodo thinks that some of the blame actually falls on manufacturers who have to adapt their wares everytime an update is released.

Stephenson’s  comments ultimately make him appear completely unprofessional and reflects bad on his company. There is no telling if he is going to make another statement but I highly doubt that he will offer an official apology to Google.

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