AI A Bigger Threat To Humanity Than North Korea: Elon Musk

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is firm on his belief of the rising artificial intelligence threat to mankind and is leaving no chance to put his view forward. Musk reminded us of this again while talking about the potential nuclear conflict between the U.S. and North Korea.

Artificial Intelligence Threat

AI a bigger threat than North Korea

Recently, Musk tweeted that the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is a much bigger threat than North Korea. Musk issued his latest warning after a bot from OpenAI defeated the world’s best players in the Dota 2 eSports Championship. It must be noted that Musk partners with OpenAI, a non-profit research company working to promote and develop “friendly” AI for the benefit of humanity.

“Nobody likes being regulated, but everything (cars, planes, food, drugs, etc) that’s a danger to the public is regulated. AI should be,” Musk said in another tweet.

Some Twitter users, however, pointed out that, considering the heated words between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, AI might not even get a chance to threaten humanity.

Musk’s warning comes amid spiraling tensions on the Korean Peninsula, with both the U.S. and North Korea expressing readiness to use coercive force if provoked. On one hand, the North Korean military stated that a plan to strike the American airbase in Guam will be ready soon, while on the other, U.S. President Donald Trump retaliated by saying that U.S. military assets are “locked and loaded” to answer any threat.

Musk on the artificial intelligence threat

Musk presumably knows a lot about artificial intelligence. In 2010, he was an early investor in Demis Hassabis’s Deep Mind. However, Musk cashed out after Google’s acquisition of Deep Mind in 2014. Since then, Musk has used several forums to warn world leaders about the rising artificial intelligence threat to mankind.

In July, Musk requested that state governors in The U.S. formulate laws for the safe use of AI, arguing that robots could replace humans in any kind of job, and if incentivized, they could harm people.

Musk said at the National Governors Association in July, “AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization, in a way that car accidents, airplane crashes, faulty drugs, or bad food were not.”

Musk also got into a spat with Mark Zuckerberg recently after the Facebook CEO commented that those speaking against AI are “pretty irresponsible” for proposing “doomsday scenarios.” Musk responded to the comment, saying that Zuckerberg’s understanding of the technology is “limited.”

Musk is not alone to believe in the rising artificial intelligence threat to humanity. World-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking also believes that machines could be a danger to humans going forward. In addition, a recent study from the University of Oxford concluded that in 45 years, AI will be better than humans at all tasks, notes The Independent.

According to Breitbart News, apart from framing laws about AI use, Musk’s other solution to the threat is spending trillions of dollars to finance his SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) to Mars. This is seen as a precautionary escape if machines get out of control.

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