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Appreciation And Words Every Client Likes to Hear

Words Every Client Likes to Hear

March 24, 2015

by Beverly Flaxington

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Beverly Flaxington is a practice management consultant. She answers questions from advisors facing human resource issues. To submit yours, email us here.

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Dear Bev,

I’ve read a lot about different ways to show appreciation for clients: events to plan, gifts to send, newsletters to write, etc. In your opinion is there one thing that stands out more than anything else when it comes to letting clients know how important they are to us?

Kevin B.


Dear Kevin,

There are two words everyone likes to hear: thank you. The most important and personalized thing you can do is to handwrite a note telling your clients that you are honored to serve them. Recently, I did a sales training for a client. One of the other experts in the firm worked at the same event. We shared ideas and, I believe, added even more value because of the collaboration. In my mail a few days after the event, I found a handwritten note from Tom saying how much he enjoyed working with me, how he looked forward to doing so again and thanking me for sharing my wisdom. That note was more meaningful to me than the check I received for providing the training. Having someone take the time to handwrite an acknowledgment is so unusual in this day and age that it truly stands out.

I know advisors are busy. I recommend going through your client base and identifying 5-7 clients each day that you can write to. Don’t connect it to an event like a birthday or anniversary of working with your firm. Make it random. Get some nice notecards. They don’t have to be branded with your firm name. They could be plain yet elegant. Think of one thing you really enjoy about each person. You might write something like this:

“Dear Ann and Matt, I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with you in creating and guiding your important financial plans. I enjoy both of you and the wisdom you bring about (FILL IN). While I am thankful to be your guide, I also learn new things every time we are together. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.”

It doesn’t have to be dramatic or flowery. It can be simple and to the point. Most people in this fast-paced age of technology feel unnoticed and undervalued. Having someone say “thank you” is powerful.

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