Apple’s Steve Jobs Widow Tried To Get Biopic Canned [REPORT]

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is a well-known personality worldwide, and the idea of a movie on his life did not sit very well with his widow, who wanted to get the movie canned. Laurene Powell Jobs contacted the two actors (Leonardo Di Caprio and Christian Bale) reportedly approached for the lead role and requested that they turn down the offer.

How Powell tried to get the film shelved

Reportedly, Mrs. Jobs begged them to avoid the leading role. Eventually, Michael Fassbender was hired to play the lead role in the controversial biopic that faced a multitude of dramas, because of which it could not make to the screen till now. Before backing out, DiCaprio spent considerable time deciding whether or not to accept the role, and Bale had good discussions with the movie’s director, Danny Boyle, but eventually decided not to participate.

Finally, the film is scheduled to hit movie screens on Friday, and a source involved in its making told the Hollywood Reporter that for several years. Mrs. Jobs tried to kill the movie by not only calling DiCaprio and Bale but also potential financial backers when the movie reportedly faced funding issues. Kate Winslet and Seth Rogan are also a part of movie’s all-star cast.

Why is Apple against the movie?

Jobs is seen as a successful person with a vision different from that of others, and for this, he is seen as a source of inspiration for many. However, the movie portrays him in a different light. The Apple co-founder is depicted as a heartless person who disowns his daughter in the movie. Apple’s bosses are infuriated with Jobs’ negative portrayal in the movie, and current Apple CEO Tim Cook even branded the movie’s screenwriter. Aaron Sorkin, as “opportunistic.”

Boyle admitted that no help was offered by Powell or Apple in making the movie. “There’s been some tough moments. I’m not going to go into them,” the director said.

The film has had more than its fair share of problems from the start, and at times it did look that it might never make it into theaters. The Sony email hack some time ago revealed that Sorkin was not in favor of casting Fassbender in the lead role, but later the screenwriter had to write an apology email to the actor.

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