Apple’s Gold iPhone Was Created For Chinese Consumers

Apple’s Gold iPhone Was Created For Chinese Consumers
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Apple understands that Chinese consumers tend to value luxury a little more so than others, and this is just one reason the Cupertino-based tech giant created the gold iPhone. Apple’s chief executive officer, Tim Cook, opened up to Bloomberg Businessweek about the significance of the gold iPhone. The tech giant has long wanted to expand in China, and creating a luxury version of the iPhone was one way to do just that. Right now, China is Apple’s second-largest market right after the United States.

In the same interview, Cook discussed the growing interest  in the new Apple Watch. He explained:

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“Developers are working on more than 3,500 apps for the gadgets. That’s well ahead of the 500 apps available for the 2008 edition of the iPhone and the 1,000 for the first iPad in 2010.”

The future of wearable devices

Wearable devices like the Apple Watch are expected to sell quite well this year, with estimated numbers reaching up to 72 million units. This estimated number includes fitness bands and smartwatches. The report, which comes from IDC, predicts that the Apple Watch will close the gap on the most basic wearables.

Apple grows in China

Apple aims to continue growing in China, and another way it is doing just that is by supporting tech education programs in over 180 local schools. The schools already did a trial of a program covering a wide range of topics from creating music to teaching hearing impaired children to operate phones.

Apple remains one of the most significant tech companies at the moment. The company is one of the leading smartphone makers in the world, and it could soon be one of the leading smartwatch makers. Everyone has their eye on Apple as they watch to see how Cook transforms the company into something bigger.

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