Apple Watch Sales Exceed 1 Million Units In China [STUDY]

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Apple released its wearable device in April, and it has been on the market for almost five months now, but even then questions about the success or failure of the gadget are still unanswered. But now, some reports have started to appear confirming the success of the watch. Recently, IDC released positive numbers, and now there are reports that the watch is doing somewhat well in China.

Doing well in China

The Apple Watch is available in 19 countries at present and is gaining some traction in some places, including China. TalkingData, a mobile app monitoring platform based in China, reports that Apple has sold more than 1.07 million units of its wearable device in China. TalkingData shared the results of the study with ValueWalk, and the data gives a useful insight on the performance of the Apple Watch.

TalkingData is used by 80,000 apps, including WeChat, which has over 1 billion registered users and 549 monthly active users. It can be said that many of the Apple Watch users in China will also be WeChat users considering the purposes for which the watch will be used, such as exchange of messages, says a report from Business Insider.

It’s good for Apple that its watch is doing well in China as the region has been a cause of worry for many in the last few weeks. Late last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a letter to CNBC’s Jim Cramer promising investors that the company’s China business is doing well.

Analyst bullish on Apple Watch

UBS analyst Steven Milunovich was bullish on the watch at one point in time but has now tempered his enthusiasm. On the basis of internet search, Milunovich said the Apple Watch is trending lower in mid-August. Apple sold 2.2 million units of the wearable device in the June quarter, according to Milunovich. The analyst predicts that in fiscal 2016, the company will sell 20 million watch units contributing revenue of $10 billion and believes sales to be the highest in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Hong Kong.

So far, Apple has been quiet on the watch sales number. In July, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that first quarter sales of the device exceeded “internal expectations.”

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