Apple Inc. To Deploy Vehicle Fleet In 13 New States For Maps App

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Apple has added more cities to its list on the Apple Maps vehicles webpage, and the survey for those cities will start later this month. The efforts to add new features will be started in 13 new counties from July 15 to July 31, according to the Apple Maps vehicles page.

Covering more cities

Apple is planning to expand its vehicle fleet in Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Dakota or Wyoming, New Mexico, Ohio, and Oregon to gather data for its Maps app. The iPhone maker is looking to integrate various features such as street views, storefronts and 3D images. Additionally, the company has declared survey activity in the U.K. and Ireland.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company will keep collecting data in other U.S. states as well, including Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Louisiana, New York, Texas, Utah and Washington.

Apple said it will collect data which will be utilized to improve Apple Maps. The company will use selective data in future Apple Maps updates and said it is committed to protecting the privacy while collecting this data. For instance, faces and license plates on collected images will be blurred out prior to publication. Rival Google launched its Street View in the United Sates in 2006 after taking similar initiatives.

More reasons to use Apple Maps

Apple’s efforts will surely be reflected in the next version of iOS, which is expected this fall, thus giving consumers more reasons to use Apple Maps. There will be some new features that will enable users to decide on the exit they should take when leaving the subway or train station, according to Business Insider. The report read that it is a clever feature that will help travelers avoid getting off the subway on the wrong side of the street. Apple has an edge over Google Maps as this particular feature still does not exist in Google Maps.

Also a night mode feature of Maps will allow the driver avoid any distraction by the bright screen. Google Maps lacks this night mode feature. Another much-liked feature from Apple is the “List steps” feature, which shows all the steps in the one convenient, scrollable screen.

Google Maps has always highlighted its robust public transit guide, but the iPhone maker is now looking to match the search giant in this area. Other features that will debut on Apple Maps with iOS 9 include Siri and Apple Watch functionality.

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