Apple Support App Now Hits U.S. App Store

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The Apple Support App, which made its debut in Netherlands nearly one month ago, has now gone live in the U.S. App Store as well, reported TechCrunch. With this app, users can easily get support for their devices while on the go.

In time for the holidays

Rumors regarding the Support app surfaced in November 2015 when Sonny Dickson revealed screenshots of the app early in its development. The design of the app mimics Apple’s dedicated support website. The user gets a list of the Apple devices they own and access to documentation for those devices.

Device owners will also be able to schedule repairs in an Apple Retail Store, or natively chat with Apple’s support staff. Users will also be able to see their recent support history once their chat session concludes, notes MacRumors.

The U.S. holidays are one of the busiest times of the year. The app is arriving at a time when there will be many new consumers unwrapping new Apple devices for the first time, and they might face issues or have queries. So this will be a true test for a new service like this. Apple has, however, tested the app for about a month in the Netherlands.

Apple Store App very useful

Using the Apple Store app, users are able to look for nearby stores and schedule appointments at the Genius Bar, but this feature was kind of buried among a variety of other functions. Also the company launched its Tips app with iOS 8, but it wasn’t well received, and many archived it to their junk apps folder, notes TechCrunch.

Apple’s new app, however, is more useful because it centralizes all the product information and provides a more streamlined way to access customer support. An attractive thing about the app is that it is personalized for each user. This means it recognizes all the user’s iCloud-registered devices so that they don’t have to figure out details every time, like what model of iPhone or Mac computer they have. It also speeds up things when communicating with a support rep, as the device details are readily available.

If the need for an in-store appointment arises, users will be able to schedule it in the app and receive reminder notifications. The app, which is available in the App Store for free, will also help point users to authorized repair providers in their area.

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